Wenshu Mountain Grotto

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Being the largest Buddhist Grottoes in the region, Wenshu Mountain Grottoes are located in Qifeng Village of Sunan Yugur Autonomous County in Gansu province. Chisel work of the grottoes began in the Northern Liang period (one historical period of Chinese dynasties, A.D.401-A.D.403). It gets the name of Wenshu Mountain Grottoes because the caves were carved on the cliff of Wenshu Mountain.

Inside the caves, you can appreciate hundreds of pavilions, towers, temples, pagodas, palaces, courtyards, towns and bridges in every side of the caves and colorful murals on the roofs. The grottoes offer valuable materials about ancient Chinese Buddhist art, together with the Buddhist architectural styles of west China. All of those central caves vault with a square form in the surface. Other paintings also depict Chinese and foreign musical performances, dancing and acrobatics.

There are more than 100 caves altogether in that region. You can also enjoy more fascinating caves in neighboring area, like the Thousand Buddha Caves ("thousand" is not the number of the caves, it is only the name), Old Buddhist Caves and so on.

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Qifeng Village of Sunan Yugur Autonomous County in Gansu province.

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