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Preserved Mutton

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2017/6/15

Mutton broth and large chunks of stewed lamb are the most famous meat dishes in Zhangye.  However, the preserved mutton is not far behind and delivers a delicious taste without the greasiness./p>

The preserved mutton is made from the meat of sheep around the mountainside.   This area is home to many types of flora, like Yanghuzi (a type of grass), Yangzihu flower, and Shacong. The distinct flavor of the meat is attributed to the local sheep feasting on these plants.

The preserved mutton is produced at the onset of winter. First, the fresh mutton is boiled and the bones are removed. Then, it is cooked with Gaotai snow salt, fennel, ginger, and other seasonings. Once fully preserved, the mutton exudes a bright red color.