Memorial Archways in the Ming and Qing Dynasties

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Four memorial archways are now accessible in Zhangzhou. The double archway from the Ming Dynasty, “Shang Shu Tan Hua” (the Minister who is number three in national civil examinations) Memorial Archway, and “San Jin Zai Er”(Three times served as deputy minister) Memorial Archway, located north of Hong Kong Road. Another two archways, “Yong Shi Jian Yi” (Simple warrior) Memorial Archway and “Min Yue Xiong Sheng” (Powerful voice from Min State and Yue State) Memorial Archway, were built in the Qing Dynasty and are located in Yuekou Street, East Xinhua Road. All of the four archways are stone-wood structures, consisting of 3 doors, 5 stories and 12 posts. The double archways from the Ming Dynasty stand on the opposite side of the street in a north-south direction, which reflect the traditional features of ancient block scenery with the old streets in Southern Suburb. Their counterparts, the Yuekou Street memorial archways were constructed by the Shengzu King of the Qing Dynasty as a reward for the famous generals Lan Li and Xu Fengli for the suppression of Taiwan. The architecture of the two archways is full of power and grandeur. And the 5 carved images of foreigners reflect the friendly contacts between Zhangzhou and foreign countries. The stone carvings on the memorial archways from the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Zhangzhou are very delicate. The carved flowers, birds, human beings,  and beasts have their respective verve and are true to life, which demonstrate the delicacy, elegance, unconstrained and smooth characters in Zhangzhou traditional stone carving art.

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Take Bus Number 1 or Bus Number 9 to the Jiulong Park Station, and then walk there.

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8:00 am – 7:00 pm

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