Temple of Guanyu

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Built in the 22nd year of Hongwu Era of the Ming Dynasty (1389 AD), the Dongshan Temple of Guanyu, also called Temple of Warrior is built in the worship of Guanyu. Splendid as it is, Temple of Guanyu just likes a brilliant pearl inlaid in the seashore senic area where extraordinary sight are in crowds. The temple is ingeniously constructed and reflected exquisite workmanship. The Prince Pavilion, which is a palace-like pavilion in the temple, is resplendent and magnificent. Various cut and paste carvings on faiences in South Fujian regional characteristic arts are very lively in different poses and with different expressions. Although the scale of the temple is quite limited, the winding corridors are tastefully furnished and the human, birds and animal figures in golden wood carving or stone carving give a deceptively lifelike impression. It may be well said that the Temple of Guanyu is an historic architectural treasure with combination of buildings, Stone and porcelain carvings, woodcut, and other folk arts, which is rarely seen in China. The Dongshan Temple of Guanyu has big influence not only in South Fujian region but also in Taiwan, where more than 170 temples of Guanyu are rooted in this one. The Culture of Guanyu has formed a preliminary scale. On the birthday of Guanyu, 13th day of the fifth month in Chinese lunar calendar, a memorial ceremony will be held on a grand scale and spectacular scene.

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Take bus in Zhangzhou South Station to Tongling Station.

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8:00 am – 7:00 pm

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