The Binhai Volcano National Geological Park

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This scenic area is a typical tertiary volcanic geographic park, which covers 100 square kilometers. The well preserved remaining crater of Niutou Mountain has an entire eruption vestige and clear structure. The volcano fumaroles group in Linjin Island are rarely seen anywhere in the world. The column-shaped basalts on Nanding Island and scale-like stone pits are majestic and spectacular. There are about 1,400,000 huge peristeles on the Nanding Island, lying on the cliffs of the island at 20 to 50 meters high. They look like a row of black threads drooping over the sea water, making you feel too many excellent things to be fully appreciated all at once.

    The secret workings of nature have made numerous unique volcanic geographical wonders here, such as the arched folded strata, scale-like rocks, lava “corals”, blowhole “Plum Blossom Stumps”, the structure of Eight-Diagrams-like volcanic vents, abstract gallery, Queen cone-like volcano, lava plat roof, marine abrasion holes, marine abrasion cliffs, marine abrasion mushrooms, abrasion “Gleam of the heaven”, abrasion “Forget to Return Rock”, “Turtle Rock”, volcano puff ports of strings of beads shape, lotus flower plate, and so on.. The scenic area is a natural volcanic geographic museum, which is highly recommended for sightseeing, scientific observations and amusement.

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Take bus in Zhangzhou South Bus Station to Zhangpu or Makou County

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8:00 am – 7:00 pm

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