The Hegui Building

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Hegui Building, a square Earth Building served as the residence of the Jian Family, was built in the 10th year of Yongzheng Era of the Qing Dynasty (1732 AD). Positioned in the west and facing east, the building is 1,947.3 square meters in area and 21.5 meters in height, with 5 floors and a total number of 140 rooms, 28 on each floor. There are two wells in the courtyard called “Yin and Yang Wells”. Because the water in left one is clear and sweet which can be used for drinking, while that in the right one is muddy and dirty which is only used for daily wash. There is a home school in the courtyard with three rooms and one hall, which stands for 159.1 square kilometers. The plaque in the hall is issued by the former Chairmen Lin Sen of Republic of China, which reads “Xing Xue Jin Jiao” (prosper study and respect teaching). There is also a couplet hung on the columns of the hall, “The peaceful land presents wonders of pictures of mountains, characters and stars; The noble ancestors teach rules of clothing, courtesy, and reading books”. The couplet on the door writes “Harmony and kind equals to happiness; Noble sons together with virtuous grandsons”. The Hegui Building is constructed on 220 piles made of big pines. The whole building looks like a large boat anchor on the wetland. Though more than 200 years has past, it still stands firmly and steadily.

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Take bus in Zhangzhou West Bus Station to get there

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