The Lingtong Rock Scenic Area

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The latitude of lingtong Rock is 1,287 meters. It is famous for the steep mountains, straight cliff, layer upon layer of peaks and knolls and jagged rocks of grotesque shapes. The Eighteen Scenic spots are remarkably lifelike, such as Chrysanthemum Guiding the Way, Three Animals Wandering on the Cliff, The Fairy under the Cloak of Quilt, Three Kids Playing with the Lion, The Canorus Jumping from the Shelf, Pearl Screen Transforming to the Rain, Ferocious Tiger Guard the Gorge, Five Carps towards the Sky, Nine Cows dragging the Carriage, and so on. The famous Lingtong Temple is built in a natural stone cave, where there are huge rocks upon and steep precipices and cliffs below, with only one path “Ladder to Heaven” to climb up. A waterfall is about 100 meters high in front of the cave, trickling water splashed on the rock and the drops look like pearl and jade. In addition, when it rains, the water flows as if a bead curtain is hanging on the hill. When you are personally on the scene at the moment, you’ll praise its excellence. Located on the top of a cloud-kissing huge rock, Chaotian Temple is another beauty in the Lingtong Rock Scenic Area. The huge rock looks like a python with an open mouth, while the narrow winding trail under the rock like a creeping centipede, and the image of a wayside natural rock is similar to a frog crying to the sky. This is the lifelike marvelous spectacle “Three Animals Wandering on the Cliff”. Besides, the scenic area has other cultural spots, for example, former residence of Wu Feng who is God of Taiwan Ali Mountain, Huang Daozhou’s Lecturing Place, Lin Yutang’s former residence, as well as 1,200 species of subtropical rare plants and the precious giant salamanders.

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Take bus from Zhangzhou West Bus Stataion to Daxi Town

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