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Zhangzhou Travel Guide

Located in the south of Fujian Province and in the Lower reaches of Nine-dragon River, Zhangzhou is one of the central cities of the Xiamen-Zhangzhou-Quanzhou Economic Zone, and has the title of national historic and cultural city. Zhangzhou belonged to the Yue State in the Warring States Period and it was founded as a county in the Jin Dynasty. Later a state was set up in the Tang Dynasty. The name of Zhangzhou derives from a river nearby called the Zhang River. In the late Song Dynasty, some residents of Zhangzhou had begun to migrate to Taiwan Island. Zhangzhou is one of the major native places where oversea Chinese and Taiwan compatriots settled.

Zhangzhou is home to the “fairy on water”, narcissus. It is a place with beautiful mountains, plenty of cultural heritages, and a diversity of folk customs. In this place visitors can find various things there: colorful flowers, tasty fruits, marvelous mountains, rare stones, old temples, grottos, volcanoes, circular buildings, seawaters, sandy beaches, lakes, and waterfalls. The famous beach scenery can be found on Dongshan Island on the west coast of the strait and near Zhangzhou Binhai Volcano National Geological Park. The gorgeous flower and fruit gardens can be seen at the Flower Market Street and the Makou Flower Expo Park. The long-standing and fabulous cultural and historic sites are found at the Earth Buildings and the Zhao Family Palace. In addition, the Huboliao National Natural Reserve and Yunxiao Mangrove Region reflect the luxuriant verdure of the green ecotpe. And the Sanping Temple and the South Hill Temple are examples of the well-known religious and pilgrimage culture. At present, the city of Zhangzhou owns two National AAAA Tourist Attractions, 5 Provincial Scenic Spots, 11 national key cultural relic protection sites, 29 provincial key cultural relic protection sites, 2 national forest parks, 1 national natural reserve, and 1 national geological park.

The coast line of Zhangzhou stretches for 680 km, which contains beautiful and marvelous seaside scenery. Zhangzhou is also a well-known “Home of Flowers and Fruits”, where flower and fruit gardens are very abundant and attractive. Zhangzhou  hosts the Cross-strait Flowers Exposition (Zhangzhou, Fujian) every year. As a national historic and cultural city, the cultural and historic relics here are long-standing and fabulous (including the picturesque cultural spots, the flourishing South Fujian Culture, and the varied and graceful folk arts). The northwest part of Zhangzhou is quite hilly, but the green landscape there has a strong appeal for tourists. The religious culture here is so well-known that pilgrimage tourism enjoys a good reputation worldwide. A poem about Zhangzhou reads like this:

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Zhangzhou Transport

Air TransportThere is no airport in Zhangzhou, however since Zhangzhou is quite close to Xiamen , passengers can enter and leave Zhangzhou by the Xiamen airport. Civil Aviation Ticket Office Address Telephone Xiamen Airway Company Ltd., Zhangzhou Sales Depart

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