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Zhangzhou Transport

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Air Transport

There is no airport in Zhangzhou, however since Zhangzhou is quite close to Xiamen , passengers can enter and leave Zhangzhou by the Xiamen airport.

Civil Aviation Ticket Office



Xiamen Airway Company Ltd., Zhangzhou Sales Department

North Yan’an Road


Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport Lingbo Hotel Ticket Office

West Shengli Road


Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport Taiwan Hotel Ticket Office

West Shengli Road


Railway Transport

Zhangzhou Railway Station is located in the Northern end of South Yuanguang Road. The ticket office is in the north part of the station building. There is a ticket affairs center at the Xianxing Tourism Department (opposite of the Oversea Chinese Hotel), where train tickets are also available.


The Zhangzhou highway network consists of three superhighways ( Xiamen -Zhangzhou Superhighway, Zhangzhou-Zhao’an Superhighway, and Zhangzhou-Longyan Superhighway), two national highways (No.324 National Highway, No. 319 National Highway), five provincial highways (Zhangzhou-Dongshan Provincial Highway Zhangzhou Economic Development Zone- Dongshan Xipu Section, Guan-Jiu Provincial Highway Changtai Fangyang- Pinhe Jiudong Section, Xiyang-Gangwei Provincial Highway Hua’an Hulin- Longhai Gangwei Section, Dongshan-Dongliu Provincial Highway Dongshan Xipu-Pinghe Luxi Section, Jinjin- Shanghai Provincial Highway Hua’an Section), fifty-seven county roads and numerous back roads.

Bus Station



Zhangzhou North Bus Station

North Xinhua Road


Zhangzhou China Travel Bus Station

North Xinhua Road


Zhangzhou Bus Station “Long-distance Express” through Bus

North Xinhua Road









City Transportation

◆ Bus

Z Hangzhou has more than 80 bus routes, which are connected to most of the scenic spots and to the busiest sections of the city. The buses in Zhangzhou are not new and charge at different rates.

◆ Taxi

The taxis in Zhangzhou are mainly Santana, Jetta, and Fukang. The price is 1.6 yuan per kilometer.


Zhangzhou Harbor consists of 6 harbor areas, including Shima, Zhaoyin, Houshi, Gulei, Dongshan and Zhao’an. Zhaoyin, Houshi and Dongshan. They are first-class ports and Zhaoyin Port is listed as the experimental port of through line transport to Taiwan .

Shipping Company



Zhangpu Gulei Shipping Company

Gulei Town


Dongshan Shipping Company

Matou Street


Zhangzhou Economic Development Zone Golden Bay Passenger Transport Company

Shiken Village, Gangwei Town