Zhejiang History

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The long history has made Zhejiang one of the greatest birthplaces for Chinese ancient civilization. With a great storage of historical relics, Zhejiang has always been called "the state of historical relics". As early as 50,000 years ago, the hominid named “Jiande” had been living in the western mountainous area of Zhejiang. Large number of historical relics has been unearthed in the Hemudu Ruins in Yuyao. The relics include production tools, life utensils which are made by animal bones, wood and stones. All of the historical relics prove that the Chinese ancestors of 7,000 years ago had created astonishing pre-historical civilization. In the feudal period, Zhejiang was a favorite place for the emperors to build their kingdoms, and it has witnessed the rise and fall of many dynasties. Throughout the history, Zhejiang has been given a lot of names, yet the structure of Zhejiang Province was fixed in the years from the years of 1661 to 1722.

The economy in Zhejiang was developed relatively earlier in China. As early as the Eastern Han Dynasty, there had been advanced hydraulic engineering projects, salt manufacturing industry and porcelain making industry. After the third century, the economy in Zhejiang achieved a further development, and business has gradually become more prosperous. To the dynasties of Sui and Tang, a social economy in Zhejiang was developing at a fast rate, and production of agriculture was also improved. The area around Hangzhou and Jiaxing become an important production area for crops. Textile industry, porcelain making industry and paper making industry were improved. Mingzhou (the present Ningbo City) become an important trade port in Southeastern China. After the 10th Century, Zhejiang entered a prosperous period of feudal economy, and become one of the richest areas in China.

After the mid-19th century, because of the invasion of foreign capitalism, the development of Zhejiang has been obstructed. Thanks to the correct leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, the people of Zhejiang finally had the chance to get into a new age of socialist society, and the economy has been becoming more and more prosperous in this new century.

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