Zhejiang Festivals

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 Local Festivals

An Appointment with Longjing Tea—Spring Tea Party 
Holding Place: The Longjing Village in Hangzhou
Main activities: Walking in the country, Tea Leaves Picking, Tea Frying, Performance of Tea Arts and Tea Lore, Being a Tea Farmer for one Day and so on.


Water Lily Festival of the West Lake: from July to August
Holding place: Fenghe of Quyuan in Hangzhou
Main activities: Water Lily Appreciation, Lotus Seedpod Picking, Lotus Seed Shelling, Cooking Water Lily Dishes, Listening to the Folk Drama, Water Lily Lantern Sending for Bliss, Photography Model Contest of Miss Water Lily by the West Lake, Chinese Water Lily Variety Exhibition and so on.   

International Tourist Festival in Golden Autumn of Huangzhou: from September 16 to October 31
Main activities: Moon Appreciation on Mid-Autumn Day, Sweet-scented Osmanthus Appreciation in Manlong, Watching the Tide of Qiantang River and Temple Fair of Wu Mountain.

International Sweet-scented Osmanthus Festival of the West Lake: from Sep. 16th to Oct. 31st
Holding place: Guiyu Gaden of Manlong
Main activities: Appreciating Sweet-scented Osmanthus, Tasting famous Dim sums like Laurel Flower Millet Soup and Sugar Laurel Flowers and so on.

Moon Appreciation Party on Mid-=Autumn Day by the West Lake: Aug.14th to Aug.18th of Lunar Calendar
Holding place:
Autumn Moon on the Calm Lake Pavilion, Lake Center Pavilion, all the tea house around the Lake and Golden Sand Port Cultural Village                                                          
Main activities:
singing and dancing, acrobatics, folk music performance, flavored dinner and traveling on the West Lake at night


West Lake International Expo in Hangzhou: Oct, 20th to Nov. 10th of every year
The first West Lake Expo was held in 1929 and it has become a pageant that can display the history, culture and scenery of Hangzhou to the largest degree. During the period when West Lake Expo is held, tens of exhibitions, forums and shows are held covering culture, arts, fashion, science and technology, business, tourism and cate and so on.  

Chinese International Qiantang River Tide Watching Festival: from Aug. 16th to Aug. 18th of Lunar Calendar every year  
Traditional Tide Watching Festival in Haining and is honored as the birthday of the Tide God among the folk people. People hold all kinds of ceremonies according to the tradition to sacrifice “Tide God” impetrating for peace and bailment of good wishes.

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