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Zhejiang Transport

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Railway in Zhejiang

Zhejiang has two main railways, Huhang railway and Zhegan railway, and many branch railways like Xiaoyong railway, Xuanhang railway, Jinqian railway and Jinwen railway, with Hangzhou railway station, Ningbo railway station and Wenzhou railway station as the main original railway stations and Hangzhou East Railway station and Jinhua West Station as the main transit stations.

Huhang railway

Started from Shanghai in the north and ended at Hangzhou in the south, it passes by counties and cities such as Jiashang, Jiaxing, Haining, with a mileage of 177 kilometers.

Zhegan railway

Started from Hangzhou in the east and ended at Zhuzhou in Hunan province in the west, it has a mileage of 954 kilometers and respectively connects Jinhua, Yingtan, Xiangtang and Zhuzhou with Jinwen railway, Yingxia railway, Jingjiu railway and Jingguang railway. It passes through counties and cities like Zhuji, Pujiang, Yiwu, Jinhua, Longyou, Quzhou and Jiangshan in the province.


Highway in Zhejiang

Huhang highway: started from Xinzhuang of Shanghai in the north and ended at Pengbu of Hangzhou in the south, it has a mileage of 166 kilometers.

Hangyong highway: started from Pengbu of Hangzhou in the west and ended at Beilun harbor in Ningbo in the east, it has a mileage of 145 kilometers.

Shangsan highway: started from Guzhu overpass of Hangyong highway in the north and ended in the south at Gaoshi country, Sanmen county, Taizhou city, it connects Yongtaiwen highway and passes through E’zhou, Xinchang, Tiantai.

Waterway in Zhejiang

There are many passenger steamers running fro and to Ningbo, Shanghai and Houshan islands, which forms the busiest offshore passenger traffic “golden triangle”in the country. Still, in sections of the Jinghang Grand Canal between Hangzhou and Suzhou, Hangzhou and Wuxi, there are tourist steamers which usually set off in the evening and arrive at in the following morning.

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