Dahe Village Ruins

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Discovered in autumn of 1964, it covers an area of 300,000 square meters. During 1972 to 1980, the museum in Zhengzhou city had explored 11 times and found a lot of relics such as tombs, ashes pits, foundations.

The wood-bone-molding building with four floors, existing over 5000 years, is the best preserved house among similar ones in China. It not only lays the basic frame of traditional houses in northern China, but the milestone of the history of prehistoric architecture. At the same time, it also demonstrates the bud of private ownership of late primitive society, which provides us important object materials to research the structure of social organizations and development of marriage and family at that time. A large number of painted potteries were unearthed and their colorfulness and variety fully reflects the unique charm of painted pottery culture in Central Plain. The sun stripes, corona stripes, constellation stripes in painted pottery are the earliest astronomical information in China.

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How to Get There?
After arriving Gongyi Bus Station from Zhengzhou West Bus Station, you can take a taxi to the relics which cost you less than 11yuan RMB. The fare for the taxi will be added up 1.4yuan RMB every one more kilometer with the flag-fall price 5yuan RMB. (It is less than six kilometers form bus station to Zhuangyuan). You can reach Zhuangyuan directly by taking No.11 bus. However there is no bus-stop board of No.11 bus in the bus station but you could find it after passing two bus platforms. Or you can take No.2 bus after passing two bus platforms and then exchange to No.11 bus to reach the destination.

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8:30 to 18:00

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Recommended Visiting Hours: two hours

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