Former Residence of Tufu

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Tufu is the poet of Tang dynasty, the great poet of realism in Chinese literature history. His poets profoundly reflect the social appearance of a turning period from rise to decline. He wrote more than 1,000 poems all his life, the famous of which are "Three Officials", "Three Departures", "Song of Roof Blown Off by the Autumn Winds" and so on.

With a concave ground at the back of mountain named Inkstone-washing Pool, the native place of Tufu is a house with 20m by 10m countyard and a brick cave-dwelling from east to west in it, where Tufu was born in the 1st year of Taiji during Emperor Ruizong's reign of Tang dynasty(712 AD).In front of the gate stands the stele of "The Native Place of Tufu" written by Zhanghan, the governor of Henan during Qianlong's reign of Qing dynasty, and the west end of Zhanjie is "The Memorial Temple of Tufu". After the founding of the PRC, the site was renovated several times. In 1962, Tufu was famed one of world cultural celebrities in the World Peace Council, so in honor of commemorating the poet, Tufu's Hometown Museum was built here, above the gate of which hangs a tablet "Birth Place of Tufu" by Guomoruo. And his poetry anthology, rare editions and paintings by latter artists for matching his poets are displayed there.

It was announced a historical and cultural site under the protection of Henan province by Henan provincial people's government in 1963 and repaired by allocating special funds.

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Nanyaowan Village, 10 kilometers east of Gong County, Zhengzhou

How to Get There?
You can directly arrive there by bus from Xinzheng station.

Ticket Price:

20 yuan per person

Opening Hours:
9:00 to 16:00

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Recommended Visiting Hours: about 3 hours

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