Huancui Valley

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Among the 130 historical attractions and natural landscapes are the  most famous ones including the Great Wall of Wei Dynasty, the ancient castle complex, the Colorful Cloud Stones on the Wolong Platform and the Luohejian Valley.       

The Great Double Dragons Valley are the most charming spots in the Huancui Valley: It is about three kilometers consisting such pools as the Hama Pool, the Wild Boar Pool, the Rose Pool and waterfalls such as the Slim Beauty Waterfall, the Triple Waterfall and the Double Dragon Waterfall. Entering the great valley is just like entering a world with dense leaves closing over the sky, brisk springs and torrential waterfalls, gurgling rivers and singing birds. With clean springs running brightly, showing or hiding from time to time along the steps of tourists; with fragrant wild flowers booming with charm, tourists will inevitably indulge in the romantic landscape-painting which is made out of a perfect combination of mountains, water and stones.

Longxi Palace:

The Longxi Palace, situated 100 meters underground is as cool as autumn in a hot summer. Inside, spacious or narrow, with splashing waterfalls rushing downward with thousands of pearls, layers of stone curtains hanging aside one by one, clean springs winding and zigzagging, the walls of cavern as white as snow and diversiform stalactites like icy bamboo shoots or sliver columns rising upon glaciers, visitors will find themselves happily lost in a mysterious fairyland of a crystal world. Spots of interests mainly include the Sea Palace of Dragon King, the Pagoda Waterfall, the Gathering of Dragon Kings, Flying to the Moon, Taibai Intoning Poems, Xianqiao Pagoda, etc.

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How to Get There?
To take a bus at Zhengzhou West Bus Station, the price for which is 10yuan RMB.

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9:00 to 16:30

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Recommended Visiting Hours: A full day

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