Native Place of Emperor Huangdi

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It is said that Emperor Huangdi was the king of ancient China, the first one of the five famous ancient emperors. He was extraordinarily clever when young and remarkably able in his adulthood. He was said to be able to speak when still in swaddles.

China was in prosperity, political stability and cultural progress under the long reign of Emperor Huangdi. Many inventions had been made in that period time, such as Chinese characters, music, calendars, palaces, boats, coaches, clothes and the compass and so on. The other four emperors, Emperor Yao,Emperor Shun, Emperor Yu and Emperor Tang were said to be descendants of Emperor Huangdi, therefore, he was regarded as the ancestor of the Chinese nation.

There are five tourist attractions there, including Ancestor-Worshiping Square, ancestral temples, ancient vessels, arts court and Xuanyuan Hill. In front of the ancestral temples, locates the Ancestor-Worshipping Square. Old Chinese jujube trees, Chinese scholartrees and old maidenhair trees are on the square. The “God Basso-Relievo Disk” stands in the middle and Emperor Xuanyuan Monument on the right. A bridge, named Xuanyuan Bridge also lies on the square. Ancestral temples consist of the Main Entrance, the Main Hall and east and west side buildings. A statue of Emperor Huangdi sits in the middle of the Main Hall and statues of his two wives, Luozu and Momu sit in the east and west buildings respectively. Behind these temples, there are nine ancient vessels. A big vessel is in the middle, with eight smaller ones around it, forming the Eight Diagrams. The vessel in the middle represents Emperor Huangdi. It is the biggest vessel in China, with the diameter of 4.7 meters, the height of 6.99 meters and the weight of 24 tons. The rest eight vessels represent love, longevity, fortune, career, safety, food, wisdom and children respectively. Stories of the past were engraved on the stone passage, which leads to the vessels. On the both sides of the passage erect 56 jade totem pillars. A porch with hung couplets, which praise the achievements of Emperor Huangdi, surrounds vessels. Xuanyuan Hill is to the north of these ancient vessels. A memorial of Emperor Huangdi was built in the hill. The arts court is beside the hill, showing the rich and colorful culture in the period of Emperor Huangdi.

The native place was first built in the Han Dynasty, and renovated in the following dynasties. It is now attracting more and more Chinese descendants from both at home and abroad.

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Take coaches from Zhengzhou Coaches Station to Xuanyuan Hill in the Beiguan of Xinzheng city.

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8:00 to 17:00

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Recommended time for a visit: Half Day

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