Snowflake Cave in Fuxi Mountain

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Covering an area of 124 square kilometers, this area is divided into 7 scenic areas and 126 major natural and cultural landscapes. General characteristics: stiff peaks, green springs, peacefulness, depth. It is called small Guilin in central plain by its beautiful mountains and natural landscapes.

Book of Mountains and Seas said that the scenery here is like birds floating on water and playing with each other so that the name, Fuxi mountain, comes from this.

Fuxi mountain has a very long history and has been famous from ancient times. The first dynasty in China, Xia dynasty, set its capital here. During Spring and Autumn and Warring States period, it was the famous defile of China and east screens of Luoyang. During the anti-Japanese period, it was the center of Yuxi base. There are nine ancient fastnesses in it which are well preserved and of great value to appreciate. From Sui and Tang dynasties, over 30 ancient fastnesses were built on peaks, which is called “the first group castles in the world” by Technology and Industry Committee for National Defense.

With integrate stratigraphic structures, Fuxi mountain can be the museum of geological study. The famous snowflake cave is a 173-meter-long snowflake gallery, naturally composing of stone grapes, stone coral and stone flowers(snowflake), which is just like a underground crystal palace. Snowflake Cave is firmly held the number one snowflake cave in the world by experts for its unique charm.

This area is one of the birthplaces of Taoism culture, so various Taoism relics are through everywhere and about 200 temples constitute a profound cultural connotation. Here was once the headquarter of Yuxi anti-Japanese base with 17 existing revolutionary relics, which is the ideal base for patriotic education.

Fuxi mountain is a touring place, a summer resort, a base for research and teaching and a classroom for traditional revolution education.

This area has always been the hot tourist spot by its unique natural scenery and marvelous cultural landscape.

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you can take long-distance bus from Zhengzhou to Luoyang or Gongyi and get off at Koutou station of Gongyi city and there are buses to Fuxi mountain directly.

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9:00 to 17:00

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Recommended Visiting Hours: Half day

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