Songyang Academy

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Songyang Academy of Classical Learning was first built as a Buddhist temple. In the late hundreds of years, the temple acted as Taoist temple and later academy of classical learning, with different names in each period, such as, Songyang Temple, Songyang Taoist Temple, Taiyi Academy, Taishi Academy and Songyang Academy. During the dynasty of Song, many people gave lectures here, including Chenhao, Chenyi, Simaguang, Fan Zhongyan, Zhu xi, which made the Academy well known and became one of the four Academies of Song Dynasty( Yingtian Academy in Henan, Yuelu Academy in Hunan, Bailudong Academy in Jiangxi)

Songyang Academy is a group of building of five part organizational system. In front of the gate there is a vast expanse of land with memorial archway, ancient wells, educational circles, Datang stone tablet and stele pavilion standing there. On the middle axis there is a Sage Master palace, a lecture hall, a Confucian orthodoxy and a library. On both sides of the axis stand respectively side rooms in both the west and the east in addition to many other rooms. To the west of the building there is an examination hall and a Mr.Jiang Well.

The whole building is particularly famous for its General cypress and stone tablets. There were ever three General cypresses which were conferred by emperor Liuche of Han Dynasty, but one of them was burnt in the fire early in the Qing Dynasty. The remaining two are both 4,000 years old. Besides, there are many real stonecutting works and fine calligraphy on the stone tablets, which are well worth studying.

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How to Get There?
Take buses to Dengfeng in Zhengzhou and transship the buses for Songyang Academy when in Dengfeng

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08:00-18:30 in spring and summer, 08:00-18:00 in autumn and winter

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Suggested visit time: one day

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