Zhenzhou Museum

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Built on July 1st, 1957, Zhengzhou Museum was first named Zhengzhou Historical Relics Museum, and its named was changed in 1962. It is the museum that is built earliest in Henan province.

It covers an area of 4.720 square meters with the basic exhibition area of 2.000 square meters. It is consisted of three parts which occupy eight exhibition halls. The first part is named "Dawn of Civilization in Zhengzhou", including two sections, namely, Old Stone Age and New Stone Age. Through the exhibition, they want to indicate that the ancient culture of the district plays an important role in Chinese civilization history. The second part "The Elegant Bearing of Ancient Capital--Zhengzhou" involves the exhibitions of the capital of the Xia Dynasty—Yangcheng, the capital of the Shang Dynasty—Zhengzhou as well as the sites of Capital of Zheng and Han Dynasties. This is the main part of the museum, which shows the most prosperous period in the ancient history of Zhengzhou through a great amount of exquisite historical relics. The last part "Verve of the Ancient Culture" showcases the arts of the ancient ceramic, stone carving along with painting and calligraphy. All of them reflect the splendor of the ancient historical culture of Zhengzhou, and the creative spirit of the ancient people.

Zhengzhou Museum has long been the ideal place for people to know more about history, and has contributed a lot to the spread of the ancient culture.

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NO. 168, South Songshan Road

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You can take NO. 44, 4, 49, 58, 79 or 84 buses to get there.

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8:00—18:30 in summer; 8:30—17:30 in winter

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Tel: 0371-67447301

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