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Zhengzhou Travel Guide

Zhengzhou is the capital city of Henan province in the centre of China with the Yellow River in the north and Huang-huai Plain in the south. To its East is Kaifeng, an ever capital city of seven dynasties and another ancient capital city Luoyang lies to the west. Zhengzhou covers an area of 7,446.2 square kilometers, governing six districts, five cities and one township, including Gongyi city which is the birthplace of Dufu, a world famous poet, Xinzhen city where Huang emperor, the ancestor of Huaxia civilization was born, Yingyang city, and Xinmi where the Mi jade is produced.The city gross domestic product is 82,210, 000,000 and the local government finance income is 5,590, 000,000

Zhengzhou is an old dymanic city.  About 3500 years ago, it had become the capital of the Shang Dynasty. Zhengzhou had been a capital city for five times, respectively of the dynasties of Xia and Shang and of the states of Guan, Zheng and Han; and a prefecture in the eight dynasties of Sui, Tang, the Five Dynasties, Song, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing.

Zhengzhou, located in the middle of China is a railway transporation hub throughout the country.  The Beijing-Guangzhou and Liangyungang-Lanzhou railways, two major track systems in China, meet here. The Zhengzhou North Railway Station is the biggest marshalling station in Asia. Zhengzhou East station is the biggest transfer station of Less-than-carload lot in China.

Some travelers glance over the city and grouse it being unattractive. Ingore the rumor and try to find the city's true nature through your own eyes. The Dahe Village Ruins, sight of pre-historical culture,  the Guxian Iron-smelting ruin and the Songyang Academy are good places for exploration if you are after history.

The city is developping fast during recent years.  The  market system is being perfected and the retail network has taken its preliminary shape. More than 100 hundred national or regional trade fairs  take place in Zhengzhou each year.

Area: The city of Zhengzhou covers a total area of 7446.2 square kilometers (of which, the city proper of Zhengzhou has an area of 1013.3 square kilometers).
Population: It owns a total population of 6.227 million (of which, a population of the downtown is 2.133 million).
Area code:  0371
Post code: 450000
Administrative areas: Zhongyuan District; Hui Nationality District; Jinshui District; Shangjie District; Mangshan District; Gongyi District; Xinzheng District; Xinmi District; Dengfeng District; Yingyang District; Zhongmu District;

Zhengzhou Travel Ideas

Zhengzhou Transport

Zhengzhou is located in the center of the cross-shaped transportation system of our country. It owns the largest marshalling station, the largest transfer post, the first level aviation, one railway port and one second level highway port. All the goods can be directly shipped abroad from here. Zh

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Zhengzhou weather

Weather Conditions Zhengzhou, located in medium latitude zone, enjoys a warm temperate continental climate, with four distinct seasons and mild climate. The annual average temperature is 14.3 ℃ and the annual duration of sunshine amounts to 2,400 hours. The yearly precipitation amounts to 640

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