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Zhengzhou Transport

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Zhengzhou is located in the center of the cross-shaped transportation system of our country. It owns the largest marshalling station, the largest transfer post, the first level aviation, one railway port and one second level highway port. All the goods can be directly shipped abroad from here. Zhengzhou has become a developed hub of communication with multipurpose use of railways, highways and aviation. 


The Xinzhen International Airport is located in the city of Xinzhen, 30 km southeast of Zhengzhou city, opening up navigation to more than 40 cities, including Beihai, Beijing , Chengdu , Guangzhou , Guilin , Haikou , Hangzhou , Kunming , Qingdao , Shanghai , Shenyang, Shenzhen and Xi’an . it also offers chartering service to Hong Kong and Macaw. It is the fifth largest airport of China. Buses from town to the airport run daily every other hour. The terminal station is the Zhengzhou Aviation Hotel at the 3 Jingshui Road.

Inquiry office of Xinzhen Airport: 0371-8511688

Booking office of the South Aviation at the Xinzheng Airport: 0371-8510099

Inquiry office of the South Aviation: 0371-8510560

Baggage Inquiry office of the South Aviation: 0371-8510570


Zhengzhou enjoys the reputation of the heart of China’s railway network. The railways of Jing-Guang and Long-Hai meet here with Jing-jiu, Jiao-Liu, Yue-Shi, Ping-fu passing, making a three north-south and three east- west railway network. Zhengzhou railway station is in the center of the city and is one of the largest passenger depots with direct trains to 25 provinces, cities and autonomies.

Ticket Booking Inquiry: 0371-8352222

Ticket Booking Office: 0371-8356666 


The highway network is developed in Zhengzhou and it is one of the seven highway-hinge cities. The national road 107 runs from north to south and the national road 310 runs from east to west with LianHuo Highway and Jing-zhu Highway across the region. The highways can reach Beijing , Wuhan , Changsha and other places over the country. After the Luo-Gao Highway, the Zhen-An Highway, the Kaishang Highway, the Luo-ling Highway and the Zhen-Jiao Highway are built; Zhengzhou stands out in the transportation system.

There are highways from Zhengzhou to Luoyang , Kaifeng, Luohe and Beijing.

The Coach Bus Station is east to the Railway Station Square.

The tour buses from Zhengzhou to Kaifeng start from the east station every ten minutes and the journey takes about one hour.

The tour buses from Zhengzhou to Luoyang starts from the East Station every ten minutes and the journey takes about 2 hours.

The coach buses to Shaolin Temple starts in the morning from the Coach Bus station opposite the Zhengzhou railway station and journey lasts about 3.5 hours.

The coach bus stations include the South Station, the East Station, the West Station, the Ormolu Station, and The Central Station.

The coach bus master station(at the Voyage Road):0371-8728294

The  Ormolu Station:0371-6955596

The coach bus north station:0371-5728861

The coach bus south station(in the middle of Longhai Road):0371-6322269

The coach bus east station:0371-5921705

The coach bus west station(at 179 Zhengshang Road):0371-7651339

The central coach bus station: 0371-6963361

City Transport

There are many transits covering almost all the streets. The wagon numbers of the tramcars start with 1 and those of the special buses begin with 2. All the transits offer non-conductor service. The average ticket price is 1yuan and that of the air-conditioned buses is 2yuan. The monthly magnetism card ticket has been put into use. If recharged on the transits, the price can be lower.

The starting price for the taxis is 6yuan with an addition of 1yuan every another 5km. The starting price for the litter is 7yuan(within 3km),and charge another 1.2yuan every kilometer(over 3km)and another 1.5yuan every kilometer(over 10km); The starting price in the evening is 9yuan.The taxis are mainly Xiali and Fukang.

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