Yellow River Scenic Area

Written by ivana Updated Jul. 27, 2021

The Yellow River Scenic Area was built 20 years ago and covers an area of 17 square kilometers. It consists of The Five Dragon Mount, Yue Mount, the Camel Mount, and the City of the Two Han Kings. The scenery spots include the Sky Pavilion, the Polar-looking Pavilion, the Happy Pavilion, and the Hill-Side Pavilion, the Bright River Veranda and the folk customs garden, and the Yellow River Tablets. The spot enjoys the reputation of a sparking pearl on the Yellow River, which attracts thousands of visitors from home and abroad.

The Five Dragon Mount is a key scenery spot and the lifeline of Zhengzhou. The Eight channels provide the main water resource for people's life and industry. The mountain ranges rise and fall, dotted with many pavilions. In the garden, guarded by the five dragons, lies the statue of the Yellow River Mother. The mother is dressed in the Tang suit, with a baby in her arms, looking kind and caring. Inside the Yue Mount Temple, there is the Purple Gold Pavilion, the Iron Cable Bridge, the Peony Garden, the Rose Garden, and the Botany Garden. Chairman Mao and Zhou Enlai ever set their feet here. The Purple Gold Pavilion is the best place to watch the sunrise.

There is also the status of the two Yan Kings, Dayu, and the sons and daughters of the Yellow River. The No.1 Bridge along the Yellow River can also be seen here. When evening comes and the lights are lighted, the light shadow reflections look like dragons swimming in the river.

The facilities for recreation are complete, including a 760-meter-long ramp with a maximum speed of 12.5m/s. Besides, there are hover marines sailing on the Yellow River. The entertaining facilities can help the visitors enjoy the beauty of the Yellow River and feel the history of the Yellow River.

How to Get There?

Take No16 buses in front of the Number Two Hospital or any bus stop along the Nanyang Road and you will reach The Yellow River Scenic Area directly. Inside the spot, there is a 2,000-meter-long cableway between The Five Dragon Mount and the Camel Mount and the journey takes about 20 minutes.

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