Baimang Snow Mountain

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In the Yunnan Province, the Baimang Snow Mountain is considered as the highest peak. Hence, for people who would like to have a better view of the entirety of Yunnan, this is the most preferred destination. Aside from being able to enjoy the sights from a higher plane, visitors also get to enjoy the natural beauty that this place has to offer.

The peak of the Baimang Snow Mountain reaches up to 5,640 meters. Since 1983, this area was already considered as a protected land. The government exerts much effort in preserving the natural landscape, flora and fauna within this place. That is why, up until now, the quintessential charm of the surroundings remains unperturbed.

Things to Do

The Baimang Snow Mountain has become popular not just in China but in other parts of the world too. All thanks to the protection that is promoted by the government, the coniferous trees, lush greeneries, rare plants and flowers and the residing animals are undisturbed.

The mountain looks glorious during the winter months because it is covered by glimmering snow. A lot of people go to this place during that season to be able to enjoy the cool temperature and the captivating surroundings. Aside from the enchanting snow, the view of the horizon is absolutely amazing too. Every corner is picturesque because of the interlaced slopes which are adorned by various types of trees.

Sichuan Monkeys

The Baimang Snow Mountain is also known as the habitat of the rare Sichuan snub-nosed monkeys. They find solace among the trees in the forest areas. The monkeys are often seen in different parts of the park. Some are so used to seeing lots of people that they would not even run away of they see visitors. Most of these monkeys reside in the center of the park. It is where families of monkeys can be observed in their natural habitat. There are also younger monkeys which can be seen tagging along with the older ones.

These animals are exciting to watch because they are always very lively. Since there are also small water formations within Baimang Snow Mountain, some monkeys can also be seen swimming around. The monkeys love this place because they can find sufficient supply of food. Their feed primarily on spruce-fir and Ki Ki shoots. They also eat some of the newly-grown leaves.

Enjoying the Autumn Months

The Baimang Snow Mountain also looks wonderful during the autumn months so tourists are not limited to visiting this attraction only during the winter. There are countless wild flowers and plants which bloom during this season so the area is filled with various colors. There are also huang dujuan, picrorhiza rhizome, yew,  redwoods, oaks, Yunnan hemlocks, frame nan, zhimu, douglas fir, cordyceps, fritillaria, tianma, astragalus and Tuckahoe.

When the area is not covered with snow, the other animals can be seen roaming around Baimang Snow Mountain too. Rabbits, birds and foxes are typically seen. Aside from those, there are also other animals like the snow leopards, vultures, sambars, quasi,  golden eagles, stump tailed macaques, macaques, pandas, musk deer, stone martens, golden cats, deer, muntjacs, silver pheasant tragopan, monals, large Indian civets, black bears and brown bears. Since there are plenty of animals which reside within the mountains, some of the areas are off-limits for the guests. This is to preserve their natural habitat and ensure the safety of the visitors too.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Southeast part of Deqin County

How to Get There?

Take the bus from Shangri-La (Zhongdian) to Diqing. There are four trips which leaves everyday.

Ticket Price:

40 CNY

Opening Hours:

All day, all year round

More Tips:

The Baimang Snow Mountain is a great destination not just during the winter but also in other months.

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