Kagebo Peak

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The Kagebo Peak is also referred to as Kawagarpo, especially by locals who reside close to this famous attraction. For the Tibetans, this is a place which is considered as sacred. It is a location where they find inner peace and it is also where they say their deepest and sincerest prayers.

The Kagebo Peak is the main peak of the Meili Mountain. It serves a very special purpose for the Tibetans because of its significance for their culture, rituals and religion. In fact, it is included in the Eight Holy Mountains for Tibetans.

Things to Do


The Kagebo Peak is primarily known as the destination for pilgrims. Those who would like to express their devotion and faith allocate time each year to go to this place. According to the devotees, going to Kagebo Peak renews their beliefs and enriches their soul. Aside from that, they are also able to free their mind from all their worries because of the tranquil surroundings. 

The pilgrims come from different locations like Tibet, Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai. The main reason why the Kagebo Peak is visited by thousands of pilgrims each year is because they believe that it is the reincarnation of a Tibetan God. Their God is the one who helped out the locals in driving away evil spirits which bring the misfortune.

Within the Kagebo Peak, there is a shrine which is built in honor of the Tibetan God. The shrine houses the statue of Kagebo, depicted as a defender who is riding a horse and carrying a sword.

Aside from the common pilgrims who go to this area, this place was also visited by a notable religious person in October 1989. A grandiose celebration was held when the 10th Panchen Lama went to the Kagebo Peak to worship.

Exploring the Kagebo Peak

It is not just the devotees who go to this place. Even people of different religion and culture exert effort in visiting the Kagebo Peak because of its immense beauty. There are guided tours which are being offered to tourists who are from different parts of the globe. That is why, this has become a destination for visitors from Europe, Australia and other parts of Asia.

The peak is well-preserved. All thanks to the efforts of the government and the locals. The surroundings are heart-warming because of the natural beauty that the Kagebo Peak possesses.

The peak has several cliffs too. Aside from the stunning land formation, there are also plenty of greeneries which decorate the surroundings. Climbing to the highest point of the Kagebo Peak can be quite dangerous because of the constant avalanches and the steep slopes. The first attempt to reach the top was in 1902. Though many mountain climbers dare to explore the Kagebo Peak, people are usually permitted only up until the foot of the Kagebo Peak.

For people who would like to stay at the foot of the Kagebo Peak, there are available inns and accommodation. Tourists can stay in these accommodations for a day or two so they can enjoy the vicinity much better. Afterall, this is a place which is perfect for unwinding because of the serenity which envelopes it. Breathing in the cool air can be very relaxing too.  

The Kagebo Peak is a place that is perfect for vacation and unwinding. This is a welcoming destination which is not solely for the devotees but also for those who are looking for a sanctuary which will free them from all the stress that they have.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Hengduan Shan Mountain Range, Zhongdian, Yunnan Province

How to Get There?

Take the bus from Shangri-la to Deqin County.

Ticket Price:

60 CNY

Opening Hours:

All day

More Tips:

There are full-package tours which include transportation, lodging and tour guide which are offered by some companies. For people who are not too familiar with the surroundings, taking these packages can be very convenient.

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