Qianhushan Scenic spot

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Qianhushan is called in Tibetan Lamudongzuo, meaning A Thousand Lakes of Goddess or A Thousand Lakes of Fairy. Covering a total area of 150 square kilometers, it is located at a place where is 3900 meters or 4000 meters above the sea level with Sanbihai Lake and Daheihai Lake being in the center. There are countless lakes with an area below 10mu.

Mysterious peaks and countless lakes dot the scenic spot. The lakes have variety kinds of shapes, for instance, the long lake surrounded by mountains, the round lake hemmed in by mountains, some lakes is long like swimming fish, some lakes are flat and some being quiet. In a word, you may find any shapes of lakes in the scenic spot.

Tourists are fascinated by the beauty of the nature. Every lake has a smoggy surface and clear green water like a sapphire; the surroundings of lakes are covered by the primitive forests, most of trees are firs and spruces; the bank of lakes is the paradise of azaleas, most of them are yellow, red and white azaleas; now and then, some yellow ducks are playing with water, such a quiet and beautiful scene!

The lakes of Qianhushan belong to glaciation lakes, according to incomplete statistics, there are more than a hundred plateau lakes, big or small in the scenic spot with Bigu Heavenly Lake and Sanbihai Lake as representatives. The plateau forest lakes are of scenic valve.

The Qianhushan Scenic Spot has a complete and distinctive diverse ecosystem with meadows, azaleas and the forest of firs and spruces having its own distinguishing characteristic. Some rare and precious plants and animals such as yellow azaleas, black-necked cranes are inhabitanted here.

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How to get there:By bus at Shangri-la Zhongdian Bus Station.

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