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Zhongdian Local Products:

Red Snow Tea

Another name is Golden Silk Tea, distributing at the tree trunk of larches and firs living about 4000 meters above the sea level. Tibetans used red snow tea as medicine for hundreds of years. According to the modern medical research, red snow tea contains many microelements that are necessary for good health. It has many benefits such as reducing blood fat, lowering cholesterol, relieving internal heat, nourishing the blood and heart and it is particularly effective in the treatment of high blood pressure, coronary disease and obesity. Being a all-nature product with no side effects, it is a good product for maintaining health and a good gift for relatives and friends.

White Snow Tea

Also named Dixuecha, produced at the snow mountains with an elevation of 4000meters. It tastes fragrant and a little bitter. Because it contains many ingredients that are beneficial to human health, it can reduce blood fat, keep fit, take fefreshment, clear heat and detoxicate, promote saliva, moisten the lungs and relieve a cough. Besides, it is particularly effective in the treatment of high blood pressure, neurosism and pharyngolaryngitis. It can be drunk with boiled water and also can be drunk with another tea. Anyway, White Snow Tea is a good gift for relatives and friends.

Chinese Caterpillar Fungus

“Dong Chong Xia Cao” is also named “Dong Chong Cao” ——“Chong Cao” for short in Chinese, it is the complex of the body of worm and fungus formed by the caterpillar fungus of “ Hirsutella hepiali Chen et Shen” parasitized on the bat moth larva. China is the only one who possesses it, merely distributed on high mountain meadow region and the high mountain shrubs above sea level 3500—5000. The Chinese caterpillar fungus is sweet in flavor, mild but not dry in property tonic-nourishing but not stagnant. Its medical value ranges more widely than that’s of other kinds of Chinese traditional tonic medicines with no side effects. It can nourish lungs and kidneys, stanch bleeding and reduce phlegm, cure long-term cough and asthma, coughing blood caused by fatigue, impotence and emission. Today the most common way to prepare the caterpillar fungus is to stew chicken or pig’s foot the caterpillar fungus.


Variety of Tibetan silverwares are available in Shangri-la, they are more than 20 kinds only for religious use such as Buddhist tower, Buddhist statue, niche for an image a Buddha and Buddhist wares etc. not mention silverwares for common life, they are out of count. Silver picture of eight treasures:It is a silverware only for religious activity, altogether 8 piece, each being the mascot of the Tibetan Buddhism such as white spiral shell, lotus etc, which is of fine workmanship. The whole silverware has the artic characteristics of relief, having a munificent primitive beauty combine with a sense of solemn. Silver amulet Buddhist box: Named Kewu in Tibetan. At the beginning, it was a amulet for Tibetan men to avoid disaster and pray for blessings when they took a long journey. Now, it is as a common ornament with two kinds, one likes the shape of a niche for an image of a Buddha, the other being round. Inside, amulet itself is hollow with Buddhist statue, scripture and mantras o

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Wooden Products

Wooden bowl:There are two kinds: common ones and precious ones. Common wooden bowls usually are made of the roots of azalea trees or weed trees without any decorative patterns, however, elegant and in good taste; As for precious wooden bowls, are produced by using a kind of parasitic plant(Zan in Tibetan),especially Zan living on the root of fir are the best materials for making the precious wooden bowls. The nature of this kind of wooden bowls is black and bright, the lines are as slim as hairs. It will be chemically changed if putting poison into it, so they are very precious. Wooden bowls are divided into two kinds: one for man and the other for woman. The differences lie in: as for man-used bowls, the distance between the bottom and the mouth of the bowl is short and they seem steady going; but for woman-used bowls, the surface is specular and the shape of the bowl is slim. Wooden box:Mainly used for storing butter and food, there are two kinds: round and flat. The lid and t

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Chinese Angelica

Produced in Weixi, also in the mountainous reign of Zhongdian and Deqen. Chinese angelica is used mainly to treat menstrual cramps, regulate menstrual periods, and lessen menopausal symptoms. In oriental medicine, Chinese angelica is frequently combined with other herbal products and used to treat conditions including allergies, arthritis, asthma, or high blood pressure. In Diqing, it is a common dish to stew pigs foot, mutton or chicken with Chinese angelica.

Rhizoma Gastrodiae

Wild Rhizoma Gastrodiae has a remarkable effect in treatment of cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure disease, headache, vertigo disease, limbs paralysis and so on. Clean the suitable amount of Rhizoma Gastrodiae and cut them into pieces, it can be eaten when they are steamed with chicken or pork.


In Tibetan monasteries of Diqing are enshrined with hundreds of Gods sculptures with vivid expression. The materials for making them are soil, wood, metal(gold, silver, copper , iron), the statues of Sakyamuni,Maitrey,Manjusri, Goddess of Mercy, eighteen arhats and eight Guardian Warriors are sculpted vividly and of exquisite workmanship. So it is a good place to collect your expetation.

Colored Butter Flowers

People, animals, birds and flowers that colored butter flowers described are all extremely lifelike and vivid. For thousands of years, Tibetan artists from one generation to another not only carried on the arts of Tibetan Buddhism, but also absorbed excellent painting and scripture skills used by other nationalities. It is a exotic flower of Tibetan folk painting and scripture art.

Snow Lotus

Large and beautiful snow lotuses grow above the snow line in Tibet. Every year from June to July are the best time to collect snow lotus when they are in full blossom. Snow lotus can relieve cold, tonify yang to promote the kidney function for increasing virility and sexual protency of the male, regulate the menstrual function and stop bleeding. It can be infused with wine and served as medicine for external use.

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