Zhongdian Weather

Zhongdian is about 3300 meters above the sea level and belongs to plateau humid climate. The climate is not obviously different in four seasons but the temperature here changes much between day and night. The temperature can reach up to above 30 centigrade in the sunny day, however, during the morning and at night, people may feel cold just as in winter. So, whenever tourists make a trip to Shangri-la, they should bring overcoats with them. 

Spring is the season for snow melting and it is cold, the temperature is about between 5-20centigrade.

Summer is the season with the highest temperature and it is the rainy season, the temperature is about 15-30 centigrade.

Autumn is the harvest season and the scenery is the most beautiful, the temperature is about 5-30 centigrade.
Winter is the season with the lowest temperature and sometimes it has snow, the temperature is between below zero to 20 centigrade.

Yading Landscape in Ganzi

The monthly average temperature of Zhongdian (℃)

March April May June
-3.8 -1.6 1.7 5.2 9.6 12.6
July August September Octobor November December
13.2 12.5 11.1 6.5 0.8 -2.9


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