Daishan Mountain

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Daishan Mountain has pleasant climate and graceful sceneries. It has quite rich tourist resources with seashore, caves, mountains, beach, exotic reef, strange stone and places of historic interest all over the island. The Daishan provincial-level scenic resort and historic site is a sea island tourist base that blends sightseeing, tourism, leisure, vacation, entertainment and sports into one. Daishn Mountain was called Penlai Fairy Island in ancient times. It has an ancient history and graceful landscapes. During the Qing Dynasty, learners, such as Liu Menglan and Chen Wenfen, once wander about to their hearts’ content on the island, sang responsively and wrote poem, hence ten sceneries of Penlai Island came into being, namely, Morning Sun over Pumen, Setting Sun over Stone Cliff, Returning Sail at Nanpu, Rising Water under Stone Bridge in Spring, Mirage on Fish Mountain, Fish Market at Hengjie, Fishing Lamp at Qugang Harbor, Bamboos Standing Erect against Roaring Billows, White Peak Covered with Snow, Sunny Sand at the Foot of Lulan Mountain.

With the wearing of time and changes of age, some of the scenic spots have ceased to exit and been replaced with new landscapes with characteristics of the age. With nature interlaced with human and history setting off against reality, new Penlai Island comes into being.

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There are ferry ships cruising and patrolling between all the small islands.

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The whole day

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Recommended time for a visit:One day

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