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“Brave the wind and waves to Putuoshan and you will find a large number of islands like half a thousand lotus in Zhoushan Island complex”.

There are vast territorial waters in Putuoshan District with a large number of islands shrouded with water mist like numerous luxuriant lotus leaves rippling among green mountains and water. Shengjiamen Town is a famous fishing harbor of China. During the fishing season, ten thousand boats gather together with masts erect like forests. The tides rise as the wind blows. Thousands of boats are ready to set out. There is also the largest wholesale market of aquatic products in our country here with large quantities of fishes, shrimps, snails and crabs, which forms a spectacular scene. Its output and sales volume of marine fishes head first in the country. The sidewalk seafood booths are more of a wonder in the local area. As the street is ablaze with lights, walk ten li along the harbor, you will be drunk in the gusts of sea wind and the fragrance of fishes and shrimps. You will feel as if in a fairyland with air turning into mist and lights setting off against moonlight. The seafood cuisine appeals to tourists at home and abroad.

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How to Get There?
There are speed boats driving between Shenjiamen and surrounding islands such as Putuoshan Mountain.

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Opening Hours:
The whole day

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Recommended time for a visit:Two days

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