Zhoujiajin is the fifth largest sea island among more than one thousand islands of the Zhoushan Island complex. The west of the island is connected with the famous fishing harbor, Shenjiajian. It is also closely connected with the Zhoushan Island proper through the grand cross-sea bridge. Zhujiajian is noted fro natural landscapes of sand and stone and reputed as “national sea island ecological park”, which blends sand landscape, stone landscape, sea landscape, Buddhist landscape into one. It is composed of scenic areas such as Ten-li Golden Sand, Kwan-yin Culture Garden (Baishan Mountain), Wushitang (Zhangshu Bay), Daqingshan Mountain, etc. It is an ideal seaside sightseeing, vacation, leisure and summer resort.

Zhujiajian has continuous golden sand beach and rippling green waves. It is the largest combination beach complex in East China and even the whole country, of which the nine beaches, such as Nansha, Dongsha, Qiansha, Lisha, and Qingsha, extends about 5000 meters and forms the spectacular scenic area of “Ten-li Golden Sand”. The beach here is even and broad with fine and smooth sand. It is an ideal place for making sand carving works and conducting sand carving activities.

The most famous beaches in “Ten-li Golden Sand” are Nansha, Dongsha, Qiansha, Lisha, and Qingshansha. The first Zhoushan International Sand Carving Festival was held in Nansha.

Nansha is the centre of the “Ten-li Golden Sand” between Jinsha and Qiansha. It starts from the Tianhou Palace in the north and to the Mu Ridge in the south with a length of more than 1000 meters and a width of about 250 meters. The beach is as even as a mirror and extensive like golden sand bestrewing the land. The sand in Nansha beach is thin and pure. It feels soft and comfortable. Holding a handful of sand and then splashing it slowly, you will see a beautiful sandfall.  

Lovers Island is originally called Houmen (Back Door) Mountain. It is located on the east-central side of Zhujiajian Island. The bank is about one hundred meters away from the capes of Nansha and Dongsha. When the tides are on the ebb, you can wade through the water. The island is long, extending more than one thousand meters from the northwest to the southeast. Seen from a high place, it seems like a V-shaped peninsula. In 1997, there was a 122-meter suspension bridge built between Lovers Island and Zhujiajian. Thereafter, people don’t have to wait for the tides ebbing in order to take a tour. Tourists walk on the suspension bridge, under which there are rolling tidal currents. It is quite a view.

How to Get There?
The north side of the sea island faces the Sacred Buddhist Mountain, Putuoshan Mountain, across the sea, 1.35 sea miles apart from each other. It takes ten minutes by speed boat to get there.

Opening Hours:
The whole day

More Tips:
Recommended time for a visit:One day

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