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Zhoushan Transport

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Zhoushan Putuoshan Airport:The Putuoshan Airport is located on the national-level scenic area and the “sea island ecological park”, Zhujiajian Island. It has now opened six airlines to and fro large and medium-sized cities such as Beijing , Shanghai , Jinjiang, Xiamen , Wuyishan and Guangzhou , etc. In 2004, the tourist throughput took the 51st place among 147 airports all over the country. 

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The sea route from the Yadan Mountain of Dinghai to Baifeng of Ningbo is opened to traffic for twenty four hours (now there are 104 scheduled ships every day, which takes forty minutes and is still open to navigation in case of level ten strong wind. Moreover, after the strait bridge connecting Shenjiamen and Zhujiajian is opened to traffic, tourists can get directly to Dinghai, Shenjiamen (Banshengdong) and Zhujiajina through strait ferry and bridge.

Dinghai Coach Station has twenty four buses heading for Ningbo and six high speed buses heading for Xujiahui and Taopu Road stop of Shanghai .  

The Banshengdong bus station of Zhoushan Automotive Transportation Company has eight buses heading for Hangzhou East Coach Station and thirty four buses for Ningbo every day.(6:30—16:40)。

Inquiry call:0580-3013573。

Putuo Automotive Transportation Company is located on Central Donghai Road of Shenjiamen. There are ten buses heading for Ningbo every day.

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Zhoushan Island complex is connected with the outside world in traffic mainly through ferry ships. The Putuoshan Passenger Transport Wharf is the main window leading to the continent. There are passenger ships heading for Shanghai every day, which leaves in the evening and arrives there in the next morning (the trip takes 12 hours and there is an additional ship on two-day weekend). During the daytime, there is one high speed passenger ship heading for the Luchao Harbor and Jinshan Wharf of Shanghai respectively. The trip only takes two to two and a half hours. Between the Putuoshan Mountain and Ningbo there are four ordinary passenger ships and eleven high speed passenger ships shuffling in opposite directions every day (seven are through ships and four stop at Shenjiamen on the way). Moreover, Dinghai has a pair of night ships and speed boats respectively going directly to Shanghai and Jinshan every day. There are four high speed passenger ships shuffling in opposite directions every day between Dinghai and Shenjiamen, and Ningbo.  

There are Ding-Shen line buses (hourly) shuffling between the two strategic towns of Dinghai and Shenjiamen. The trip takes about 40 minutes. There is also a strait bridge connecting the island proper and Zhujiajin Island. Buses go directly to the Zhoushan Airport and all the main scenic areas on the island. The traffic between other islands completely relies on ships. There are also scheduled rush hour buses or tourist special line buses on major islands, such as the Putuoshan Mountain, Daishan Mountain, Shengsi and the Peach Blossom Island.