1-day Ultimate Chengdu Food Tour, hotpot, food street, and local market

Don’t miss hot pot and local delicacy when traveling to Chengdu. Bring your appetite and nom your way around China, study Sichuan food culture, way of cooking, taste local food, and experience the charm of this city.

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What To Expect

Tour Itinerary

The night before your tour: arranging a pickup time

Your guide will call you at about 8 pm on the night before your tour to arrange the exact pick-up time. If you don’t answer, your guide will leave you a message at the front desk of your hotel.

We will also send you your guide's phone number about a week before your tour. So don't worry about pickup.

9 am Hotel Pick Up

Meet the guide in your hotel in the morning. Tour started at 9:00 am, you can catch a view of how busy the morning markets.

10:30 am - 11:30 amWenshu Monastery

Outside the street through several alleys is Wenshu Monastery, This large Buddhist monastery has 5 halls with an exquisite collection of artworks, statues, and curios. There is a vegetarian restaurant in the monastery also very busy at mealtime, however, this is a great spot to enjoy the busy crowd of worshippers.

11:30 am - 1 pmLunch Time - Long Chao Shou (meat wontons)

Had a bit of the famous dish Long Chao Shou (kind of meat wontons) in a local restaurant for lunch, this is a sample of Chengdu Food that has a history of over 80 years, studying the culture and history of Chengdu food with your guide while tasting food.

1 pm – 3 pmDiscovery the Epitome Lifestyle of Locals in Chengdu People’s Park

Visiting Chengdu People’s Park in the afternoon, discovered the epitome lifestyle of locals, despite its fast growth and big changes, it still has the Chinese culture in its veins.

Interesting to see people seating outdoor in the tea house, playing mahjong, match-maker section, seniors’ dancing, and traditional skill of ear cleaning. We offer an experience to sit down and taste tea in tea houses like locals.

3 pm - 4:30 pmJinli Old Street (includes snack tasting experience)

Head to Jinli Street for another food experience. It is a great place for grabbing snacks at the many eateries and sampling the various Sichuan and other Chinese foods. Your guide will introduce some of the must-try snacks and you choose something you are interested in. The famous food like bean jelly in chili source, sweet potato noodles in Sichuan style. If you are brave, you can try rabbit head in chili source.

4 pm - 5:30 pmSichuan Hot Pot for Dinner

The tour comes to the last stop after Jinli Street – a local hotpot restaurant, hotpot considering is the soul of Chengdu food culture, you will learn about its history, etiquette, and how to make it.

Your guide will order two flavor pots (spicy and not spicy) with meat and vegetable ingredient. Almost all the ingredients you can think of can be cooked in a hot pot, thus the Long Chao Shou you make today can be cooked as an ingredient.

Transfer back to your hotel after the meal.

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* The price may change during some festivals including the Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, Labor Day (1st May), Mid Autumn Day, and National Day (1st Oct.).

* The price is subject to change based on the exchange rate.

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