Suzhou Tours

Suzhou city suited in the middle of the Yangtze Delta, frame as the home of rice and river fish.

Suzhou has best gardens in the world, the tours we provide illustrate compact Chinese garden showing all the elements (rock, water and plants), see the bonsai and flower blossoms. Acknowledge old Suzhou by raw straw ride and water towns around Suzhou, with help by your guide to see the hidden stories of city.

Top 6 Suzhou Tours

Tongli Water Town

1-day Suzhou and Tongli Water Town Tour from Shanghai

  • Half-hour rickshaw ride through Suzhou old streets
  • Enjoy picturesque lay-out of Tongli
  • A gondola ride through old canals.

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Suzhou garden

2-Day Suzhou's Exquisite Gardens Tour

  • Tour starts and ends in Shanghai
  • Take a glance of Suzhou classical gardens
  • Pedicab ride through allays

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Suzhou Garden

3-Day Suzhou and Hangzhou Tour from Shanghai

  • Iconic sites in Hangzhou and Suzhou
  • Visit Chinses Traditional Medicine Museum
  • Take a risk straw ride through residential area.

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Essence of Suzhou Tour

4-Day Shanghai and Suzhou Highlights Tour

  • Enjoy an essential in Shanghai and Suzhou
  • Get into the famous Suzhou-style gardens
  • High-speed trains between Shanghai and Suzhou

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Tongli Town

4-Day Shanghai Tour with Tongli Water Town

  • Suzhou UNESCO gardens
  • Wondering in Tongli water town
  • Tongli boat ride

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2-Day Suzhou Gardens and Zhouzhuang Water Town Tour

  • Rickshaw ride in Suzhou old streets
  • Culture explores in Zhouzhuang Water Town
  • Taste authentic dishes

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Suzhou Day Trips

Suzhou Garden

One Day Suzhou Classic Tour

  • Take a boat ride longest man-made waterway in world
  • Visit an ancient city gate - A scenic slice of ancient time
  • Stroll around a Chinese heritage listed garden with beautiful bonsais

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Xitang Town

One Day Xitang Ancient Water Town Tour from Shanghai

  • Xitang is Parts of Mission Impossible 3 were filmed here
  • Take a gondola ride through the ancient town to relax
  • Several museums that are included with your admission

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Zhouzhuang Water Town

One Day Zhouzhuang Water Town from Shanghai

  • Relax in Zhouzhuang Water Town
  • Observe Kun Opera, a typical kind of opera in China
  • Ride on a gondola to see fabulous preserved houses

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Suzhou Tour FAQs

1. When is the Best Time to Visit Suzhou?

Suzhou has four distinctive seasons and every season are consider suitable for visit. Best times for traveling around Suzhou is in spring and autumn. See what to see in four seasons:

Spring: early spring is still a little cold. We recommended that you can pay a visit to Suzhou after March, you can trees and flower blossom in the gardens.

Summer: hot and humid, quite pleasant to do pedicab ride and water town tour.

Autumn: cool and pleasant. The peak tourist season has gone, the fresh fruits and a bounty of seafood will surely tantalize your taste buds.

Winter: snowy view covering the gardens, got another feeling of Chinese painting like gardens, enjoy the tranquil water town and its oriental lifestyle.

2. Suzhou Day Trips from Shanghai

More than 70 bullet trains everyday between Shanghai and Suzhou, and departs at every 5-10 minutes, the trip only cost half an hour. The first train departs from Shanghai in the morning at 5:48am, and latest train departs from Suzhou at 23:16pm, you have enough time for proper arrangement.

Suggested to visit in Suzhou for a day: visit a famous The Humble Administrators Garden in Suzhou and have a rickshaw ride there. Go to Tongli Water Town in the afternoon to see the well restored buildings and approaching to local lifestyle.

3. How to Plan a Trip to Suzhou?

Suzhou located in Yangtze River Delta with convenience 1-hour high-speed train to Shanghai and Hangzhou, spent one or two days touring to the classical gardens and water towns near by will be a good choice.

One day tour suggested itinerary:

There are many classical gardens in Suzhou, choose one for visit if your time limited, so one garden in the city (Humble Administrator’s Garden is recommended) + half day Tongli Water Town would be a perfect arrangement. just gardens which will become boring.

Two days tour suggested itinerary:

Suzhou is not only gardens, but also have profound history, take a day in-depth explore the city by visit humble Administrator Garden or Lingering Garden+ Tiger Hill + Pedicab ride through the old towns and small alley (Pingjiang Road).

The Second day to visit Tongli Water Town, slow down your pace for stroll around every small allays, take a gondola ride through ancient canals, visit a local family and chatting to the household, learn about town in the past and future.

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