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China Travel is one of China’s leading touring specialists. We base in Guilin, Guangxi Autonomous Region, with over 20 years of different styles of travel and tour service experience. China Travel knows how to make your tour enjoyable, fun, and memorable while showing you the many ways in which you can discover the beauty of China.

Till now, China Travel has helped more than 55,000 visitors create their own tour itinerary and realize their China tour dreams.

What We Do

China Travel offers flexible tailor-made tours, small group tours, day trips and local activities, flight and train tickets, entrance tickets to major scenic spots in China, and car rentals for independent travelers from all over the world.

The China Travel Story

China Travel was created by a group of passionate "Travel Lovers" who had traveled extensively in China and experienced many inflexible tours, and ‘tricked to shop’ tours.

Our China Travel team went on a research tour of Shanghai. We experienced many interesting, fun activities while in Shanghai: strolled through the streets of the Bund, greeted the locals, and sampled many tasty foods. We also took a ride on a gondola and powered it with our own hands.

China Travel realized, and believed, that flexible tours, with plenty of fun, interesting activities in which to experience Chinese culture, its history, its beauty, and its delicious cuisine were the spice of a tour. For this idea, we start” China Travel” under China Highlights International Travel Service Co, Ltd.

Our Mission - We Help You Experience China "Your Way"

The mission of China Travel is, and always will be, to help you create a flexible tour Itinerary, Tailor-Made, your way. Your Tour Itinerary should meet your needs and desires for a fun-packed, adventure-filled tour and include many enjoyable activities – some challenging, but always exciting and memorable!

During your tour, opportunities abound for you to soak up local color. Immerse yourself in Chinese culture, history, and Chinese cuisine. Take every opportunity to indulge yourself in many delicious culinary delights, and outdoor activities, and visit local artisans who produce beautiful handicrafts.

Why Travel With Us

Meet The Family

Vanessa Zheng
Vanessa Zheng, Senior Travel Advisor
Sally Guo
Sally Guo, Travel Advisor
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Vivian Cen, Product Manager
Luo Lingling
Luo Lingling, Web Designer

Who Reference Us

Who Reference Us

Who Have Chosen China Travel

Many famous people and celebrities have chosen to tour China with us, as they toured the stunningly beautiful city of Guilin and other parts of China. Besides the celebrities in the photos, Bill Gates, the Head of Microsoft, with Warren Buffet, a Philanthropist, also traveled to Guilin with us in 1995.

World's VIP Choose Us
World's VIP Choose Us

Visit Us in Guilin

Our headquarters are in Guilin, and we have offices in Beijing and Shanghai and contracted partners in other cities such as Zhangjiajie, Huangshan, Chengdu, Xi’an, and Suzhou. Welcome to visit us in Guilin or see more about us.

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