Chinese Food

Chinese food is widely known for its variety and abundance with about 8,000 renowned ancient and modern dishes, 600 types of ingredients, and over 48 basic ways of cooking.

Want to feel on top of the world? Go and taste some mouth-watering Chinese food!

Most Popular Chinese Food Dishes

Eating in China

Sampling the diverse cuisine of China is an exciting way to immerse oneself in the country's rich culture. Venture into the bustling back alleys and sample the local street food. See what the locals eat and how they eat. This unusual eating experience offers a unique insight into traditional Chinese culture. 

Symbolic Foods Eaten During Festivals

Many Chinese dishes have symbolic meanings. Special foods with auspicious meanings are often associated with certain festivals.

Chinese Food Culture

Chinese food culture is deeply rooted in its ancient traditions. Based on the traditional Chinese philosophy such as Yin and Yang, and five elements, Chinese food reflects the balance of nature. 

Chinese food also is deeply related to traditional Chinese medicine. Food and Chinese Medicine are integrated. Many ingredients are used for their medicinal properties or health benefits to maintain people's health. 

Dining etiquette plays a vital role in Chinese food culture. Understanding Chinese table manners is crucial for an authentic dining experience in China.

Taste Chinese Food Your Way!

No one who loves food will say “no” to the delicacies of China, especially after admiring natural and cultural beauties – how would a perfect journey be without delicious food? Below are three sample tours we hand-pick for your inspiration:

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