Top 8 Best Snacks Streets in China

Written by Ruru Zhou Updated Apr. 20, 2023

China is a culinary haven for food lovers. There are various delicious dishes to eat. To fully savor the diverse and authentic flavors of Chinese cuisine, venture beyond the main restaurants and explore the labyrinth of small alleys. By perusing the enticing food streets on offer, one can experience the true essence of Chinese gastronomy.

1. Wangfujin Food Street

wangfujin food street in Beijing
snacks, wangfujin

Wangfujing Food Street is a popular place to immerse in the local Beijing culture and try authentic local street foods. There is a vast range of street food from China such as spicy Sichuan dishes, Beijing local flavors, etc. 

Many of the dishes served on Wangfujing Food Street are unique local specialties, which are difficult to find elsewhere in China or even abroad. These dishes, such as "Chuan'er" (meat skewers) and "jianbing" (pancake), offer tourists an authentic culinary experience.

You will see locals eating food or strolling around, so it is also a good place to explore Beijing's street culture.  

2.  Huguo Temple Snack Street

Beijing snacks

Huguosi Food Street is a great place to visit if you're looking for a taste of traditional Beijing snacks and street food.

The street has a long history of offering local snacks with unique flavors and is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The street also offers a glimpse into the culture and history of Beijing, making it a popular destination for tourists. So, if you want to experience authentic Chinese street food, Huguosi Food Street is definitely worth a visit.

3. Muslim Quarter in Xian

Food stall, Xian muslim quarter
Msulim quarter snack, Xian

The Muslim Quarter is a must for any trip to Xian. The street is always bustling with activity and flavors. It is a great place to try many different types of local snacks and street foods. Many of the dishes are unique to Xi’an or the Hui ethnic group.

Besides the food, it is also a great place to immerse in the local culture. Strolling on the back alleys, you can experience the lifestyle of the local community, how they eat, how they shop, and what is popular among them. 

4. Chenghuangmiao Snack Street

Chenghuangmiao Snack Street

Chenghuangmiao or City God Temple is one of the classical itineraries for most travelers to Shanghai. The area is part of Old Shanghai.  The street is filled with different ranges of shops and stalls selling a great variety of snacks and souvenirs.  

The street is always bustling filled with tourists and locals alike. You can find a great variety of local food and snacks here.  Remember to try the Xiaolongbao and shenjianbao, both are local specialties. 

5. Jinli Ancient Street

jinli old street
Sichuan dishes

Jinli Ancient Street is a great place to experience ancient Chinese culture and tastes authentic Sichuan cuisine. 

There are so many local dishes offered like hot pot, dan dan noodles, Long chaoshou(a kind of wontons)etc.

Besides, As you wander through the street, you will also see various arts and crafts on display, including shadow puppet shows, clay figurines, and embroidery.

6. Beijing Road Street

Guangzhou dim sum

Beijing Road Food Street is a great place for food lovers to explore Cantonese food. The street offers a variety of typical Cantonese snacks and foods, such as Dim Sum, Wonton Noodles, and Congee. 

The street is very popular among travelers and locals alike. There are always lines in front of food shops. 

7. The Confucius Temple Street

Confucius Temple Street food

It is a beautiful place to spend hours with friends and family. The area is filled with a diverse range of local shops selling traditional snacks. Visitors can immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere while enjoying delicious food.

For an unforgettable experience, watch boats come and go on the Qinhuai River while savoring local dishes at a riverside shop.  The scenery is especially beautiful at night when the whole area is illuminated by colorful lights. 

8. Taiping Old Street Night Market

Changsha stinky Tofu

The Taiping Street Night Market in Changsha is a vibrant and bustling food street that offers a lively and colorful atmosphere. This popular market offers a great variety of traditional local snacks, including spicy hotpots, grilled Hunan fish, and lamb skewers.

In addition to the delicious food, the night views in the alleys and lanes of the old street are enchanting. They have a traditional charm that exemplifies old Changsha. The street is beautifully illuminated, showcasing the old architecture and vibrant atmosphere that transports visitors to a different era.

Note: It is probably crazy crowded at weekends or holidays. 

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