Methods of Payment

Written by Vivian Updated Feb. 16, 2022

China Travel provides clear details about the expected payment on a booking, including Deposit & Final payment. Ways to pay: PayPal, credit cards, WeChat Pay, Alipay, and wire transfer.

Deposit & Final payment

A deposit that is equal to 10% of the total tour cost is required at the time of booking with China Highlights Travel. The full &/or final payment is required 30 days before departure for your China tour. Should the tour be booked within 30 days before departure for your China tour, full payment is required.

Methods of Payment

1. Visa or Master Card secure online payment via PayPal. When you receive our proposal with the quotation, in the email body, you will see a 'PAY NOW' symbol, just click the Visa/Master Card PAY NOW symbol on the email payment request and you will be taken to the secure PAYPAL website to make payment. If you are a PAYPAL member simply follow the usual system. If you are not a member it's easy to join and it's free!

Or you can pay us online to our Paypal account directly at after logging in to your account at

2. Visa or Master Card by fax. When you receive our proposal with quotation, we will attach a "Credit Card Authorization Form" with the Email for you to process payment to the order. Please open the attached file and fill out the required form, then fax it to us at 86-773-2885309, with a copy of your credit card. If you prefer, you can scan the completed documents and email them to us.

3. Using mobile payments: If you have WeChat or Alipay account with either a China bank account or a Chinese bank-issued credit card. Just scan our company QR code on the quotation letter to complete the payment.

4. Wire transfer. If you are booking your tour 30 days before your departure date, you may choose to make the payment by wire transfer. If you make a payment from outside of China, please choose our US$ bank account, if you make a payment from Hong Kong in HK$, please choose HK$ account, RMB account for a payment made in RMB within the mainland of China. Important Notes for those who make the payment through wire transfer:

Disclaimer of Difference Caused by Exchange Rate(For clients who make payment by credit card only)

China Travel will draw Chinese currency (CNY) from your credit card. The Credit Card Company or Bank will convert this amount to the currency of your credit card account. China Travel converts Chinese currency to US Dollars at a rate of CNY 607 = US$1 for our quotations but must charge your credit card in CNY (Note: China Travel will apply the latest exchange rate, which may differ from the one shown above.).

Banks and credit card companies must then buy Chinese currency at their local rate to make the payment. The rate may be more or less than our rate. Banks and credit card companies may also make a service charge for the transaction. For these reasons what appears on your bank statement may be more (or even less) than what you were expecting.

Note: Before you pay, please check our exchange rate against your bank's exchange rate and your bank's transaction fee policy.

China Travel currently quotes tour prices in US Dollars on our website to give you an idea of the tour cost and quote in CNY to you at the time when you are making bookings.

1. Should a revaluation of the Chinese Renminbi occur, China Travel will honor all quotations for tours that have been fully paid at the time of the revaluation.

2. Customers who have not paid for their tour in full at the time of any revaluation will be required to pay the difference between the old and new prices calculated in Renminbi. China Travel will never charge more than our quotation that has been accepted by you, our client.

Our Bank Information for Wire transfer/Bank Transfer

Our Bank Account (For clients from outside of China):

Our Bank Account in Chinese (For clients within China mainland)

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