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Written by Vivian Updated May. 25, 2023

We understand that travel can be complex and stressful, which is why we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients have a seamless and hassle-free travel experience. We provide a full range of travel services, including customized tours, train/flight bookings, transportation arrangements, sightseeing activities, and tickets to iconic sites.

Our goal is to provide expert guidance and curated recommendations tailored to your unique interests, budget, and preferences, ensuring that each journey is as exceptional as the last.

If You have Travel Demand to China and other Asia Countries, Why Not Just Contact Us

I plan to travel to China, what is your suggestion for an itinerary

China Travel specializes in tailor-made itineraries to provide unique and unforgettable travel experiences. Our team of dedicated travel experts listens carefully to your preferences and desires, and then we work diligently to design an itinerary specifically for you.

What you can expect from us:


We Help Customers with China Train Bookings, and Pre-Sale Tickets as Well

We provide facilities for train ticket search, advance reservations, quick booking, and waitlist options, our train booking systems cater to the diverse needs of travelers.

Furthermore, our team endeavors to offer assistance before booking and continuing support after sales. If you have a plan for travel but the train hasn't released tickets yet, we can help to pre-book before the issuing date and get your ticket once opens for sale.

What We Can Help has a Lot More

We Take Care of Everything

We are your travel assistance that you will get in working with an actual person, versus the Internet. We can help with the last-minute booking or make changes to your reservation, like flights, entrance tickets to the sites, hiring a tour guide, or renting a car to take you around the city.

Invitation Letter for Visa Application

We are familiar with the required documents for your destination as well as any immunization needs before you can enter China. We can provide an invitation letter for you to make sure your visa application is easier and smoother.

We Offer Exceptional Customer Service

Our customer care service is a great backup throughout the entire trip. Helping and consciously avoiding trespassing of customer dissatisfaction, solving problems soon after they occur, resolving any issues or concerns that may arise, and providing support during the trip.

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  • Instant talk & real-time response: always keeps you engaged, so do not waste time waiting for responses.
  • Efficient communication: gives you an easy way to talk to our tour consultant, and keep those conversations private.
  • Easy & safe booking: request a tour via WhatsApp and make purchases in just a few clicks, then get a confirmation within 7 hours.
  • Stay in touch: for any tour advice, ticket bookings, emergencies, and feedback.
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