Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport (DLC)

Written by Ruru Zhou Updated Jun. 11, 2021

The Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport is an airport located in the city of Dalian in China. It is the main airport serving the area. It is currently the busiest airport in Northeast China and the 16th busiest airport nationwide. In 2010, it handled a total of 10,703,640 passengers.

The airport is currently the hub for Dalian Airlines and is also a focus city for Hainan Airlines and China Southern Airlines. As such, it currently holds many of China Southern’s Japanese routes. Aside from these, Air China, the country’s flag carrier, also stops over at Dalian airport during its Beijing to Japan flights.

The Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport is also noted for having the largest number of destinations in Russia and the second-largest number of Japanese destinations among all Chinese airports.

Facts on Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport

Terminals and Airlines

The Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport currently has two terminal buildings. The original one is a 65,000 square meter building, while the second terminal, which was completed and put to use in September 2011, is larger at 71,000 square meters.

The airlines that fly from the Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport include:

Some carriers, including Russian ones, also have scheduled services to Dalian airport from time to time. These include Aeroflot and Dalavia, among others.

Due to the high demand for flights in Dalian airport, even airlines like Japan Airlines continue to operate daily flights from Tokyo’s Narita Airport to Dalian airport, even though the airline has terminated many of its China flights due to financial problems.


The Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport is located in the Ganjingzi District of Dalian, which is part of the Liaoning Province of China. It is about 10 kilometers from the city center and lies in the northwest direction.

Transportation to/from the City

Tourists traveling to and from the Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport have several transportation options, thanks to China’s robust transportation system. They can choose to ride a cab, an airport bus, or a regular bus. These can take them from the airport to other points in the city, including downtown Dalian.


If you wish to ride a taxi, you have to know the usual fare rates in Dalian to avoid getting overcharged. The flat rate is 8 RMB for the first three kilometers, after which the fare will be 1.80 RMB for each succeeding kilometer. However, if it is nighttime, which is from 22:00 to 5:00 in the early morning, the fare is higher by up to 30%.

When taking a taxi, do note that you will also have to pay bridge toll and road toll fees.

Airport Bus

Airport buses are available to transport passengers to and from the Dalian airport. The schedule of the airport buses depends on the time of flights. For every flight that arrives at the airport, one bus leaves.

The airport buses follow this route:

Airport – Chunliu – Shahekou Railway Station - Xinggong Street - May Day Square - Civil Aviation Building - Victory Square - Renmin Street

Each ticket costs 5 RMB.


Aside from the airport buses, there is another kind of bus operating in Dalian that passengers arriving from the airport or going there can also take. This is the regular city bus, which runs several routes to all parts of the city at cheaper prices. These buses leave the airport, from the Civil Aviation Building, after every flight. The building is located at No. 143 Zhongshan Lu of Xigang District.

To go to the airport or to depart from there, you can take either the Lianying Bus 701 or the Lianying Bus 710.

For Lianying Bus 701, the stop stations include Xinzhaizi, Commercial College, Airport, Yingke Road, Yingke Square, Jinxiu Road, Lvbo Housing Estate, Lvbo Bridge, Communication Cable Factory, Xinjian Primary School, Shaqu Hospital, Gaizhou Street, Liberation Square, Taiyuan Street, Wansui Street, Shenyang Road, Stadium, 129 Sreet, Qingniwa Bridge and Zhongshan Square.

For Lianying Bus 710, the route that is followed makes several stops, including Aluminum Material Factory, Airport, Yingke Road, Yingke Square, Zhoushuizi, Chunliu, Chejia Village, Xianglujiao, May Day Square, Renmin Square, 129 Street, Qingniwa Bridge, Zhongshan Square, Renmin Road, Gangwan Bridge, Sanba Square, and Erqi Square.

You can also take the Minibus 532, which stops at the following locations: Xinzhaizi, Xinzhaizi Square, Radio Factory 2 of Liaoning Province, Dalian East Railway Station, Commercial College, Acid Proof Pump Plant, Airport, Yingke Road, Yingke Square, Zhoushuizi Qian, Liujia Bridge, Chunliu, Chejia Village, Xianglujiao, Shahekou Railway Station, Xinggong Street, Zhengong Street, May Day Square, Datong Street, Changchun Road, Renmin Square, 129 Road, Labors' Park, Yuguang Street and Zhongshan Square.


Dalian is also a major transport hub in the northern and eastern regions of China. One of the reasons for this is the location of the Harbin-Dalian Railway, also known as the Ha Da Railway. Trains departing from this terminus can take passengers to other major Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and Hankou.

The Dalian railway station is located at the center of downtown Dalian. It is not far from the Qingniwaqiao area downtown. The station is flanked by several shopping streets and other main locations in the city, making travel seamless and smooth.

Long-Distance Buses

For those who have onward destinations, long-distance buses are widely available in Dalian. There are currently five long-distance passenger bus stations in Dalian. Here are some details about them:

1. Station: Jianshejie Station

Address: No. 36 Jianshe Jie, Xigang District

Telephone no.: 0411-83605274

Brief introduction: The station can be accessed through the underground pedestrian tunnel west of the railway station. The buses from this station leave for Liaoning, Hebei provinces, and Dongbei.

2. Station: Beigangqiao Station

Address: No. 20 Anshan Lu, Xigang Distric

Telephone no.: 0411-83628681

Brief introduction: Take bus no. 1 from the railway station. Buses on this route leave for Lushun and its surrounding cities.

3. Station: Gangwanqiao Station

Address: No. 14 Changjiang Lu, Xigang District, south of Dalian passenger port

Telephone no.: 0411-82823173

Brief introduction: Take bus no. 13 from the railway station and alight at the third stop. The buses from this station go to Beijing, Tianjin, Wenzhou, Yingkou, and Anshan.

4. Station: Liujiaqiao Station

Address: No. 1 Building of Zhoushan Jie District Committee, Ganjingzi District

Telephone no.: 0411-86645107

Brief introduction: Take bus no. 405 or 710 going to the Zhoushuiqian stop. Buses from this station go to Lushun/Port Arthur.

5. Station: Heishijiao Station

Address: No. 700 Zhongshan Lu, Shahekou District

Telephone no.: 0411-84692712 ext. 8107

Brief introduction: To get there, take Trolley No. 202. Buses from this station leave for Lushun and follow a 5:30 to 19:30 schedule. There is a 10-minute interval between each flight, which will cost you about 7 yuan.

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