Xi'an Xianyang International Airport (XIY)

Written by Ruru Zhou Updated Jun. 11, 2021

The Xi’an Xianyang International Airport is the main airport that serves Xi’an, the capital of China’s Shaanxi Province. The airport covers an entire area of 5 square kilometers; despite its name, the airport is actually within the administrative territory of Xianyang City, which is just a neighboring city of Xi’an.

The Xi’an International Airport is noted as the largest airport in northwest China and also the busiest, logging in up to 18 million passengers in 2010. It is also the airport with the most international connections in the northwestern part of China.

Additionally, the airport is known for its unique, more open, and more welcoming environment that other airports don’t usually offer; thus, it offers passengers passing through it a pleasant travel experience. The airport is currently being expanded; construction of a new terminal building as well as a second runway is currently underway.

The Xi’an International Airport lies at a distance of 47 kilometers or 29 miles to the northwest of Xi’an’s city center, while it is 13 kilometers or 8.1 miles north of Xianyang city.

Flights and Terminals

The Xi’an Airport is currently the hub for Joy Air and a major focus city for Hainan Airlines. All airlines combined, the airport services 140 routes to more than 50 domestic and 18 international destinations. Most flights from Xi’an Airport fly to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guilin, Jiuzhaigou, Hong Kong, Taipei, Nagoya, Tokyo, and Seoul.

International flights:

Domestic flights:

The airport is pretty young; the first terminal building opened only in 2007 and was later on, in May 2012, closed due to the expansion project. Currently, most flights are served from the Terminal 2 building, while some domestic airlines such as China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, and China United Airlines fly some of their flights from Terminal 3, which was opened recently in May 2012.

xianyang international airport

Transportation to/from the City

Thanks to the Xianyang International Airport Expressway and the Xianyang International Airport Exclusive Expressway, passengers traveling to the airport from downtown Xian and vice versa can traverse the route in just one hour.

Shuttle Bus

The main form of transportation is the airport shuttle bus. Airport shuttle bus routes, schedules, and fares are as follows:

Line Scenter Operating Hours Ticket Fare
Line 1
Airport to/from Bell Tower
From the airport: Terminal 1 and 1st floor of Terminal 2
From Bell Tower: Melody Hotel
8:00 to the arrival of the last flight
5:40 – 1:00 every 20 minutes
CNY 26
Line 2
Airport to/from Xian Railway Station
From the airport: 1st floor of Terminal 2
From Xian Railway Station: Jiefang Hotel
7:00-20:00 every 30 minutes
CNY 26
Line 3
Airport to/from Xishaomen/High Industries Development Zone
From the airport: 1st floor of Terminal 2
From High Technology Industries Development Zone: Ziction Liberal Hotel
6:15-18:15 every 30 minutes
CNY 26
Line 4
Airport to/from Xiaozhai
From the airport: 1st floor of Terminal 2
From Xiaozhai: Xiaozhai International Trade Building
7:00-18:00 hourly
CNY 26
Line 5
Airport to/from Jianguo Hotel
From the airport: 1st floor of Terminal 2
From Jianguo Hotel: Jianguo Hotel
7:00-18:00 hourly
CNY 26
Line 6
Airport to/from Xianyang City
From the airport: 1st floor of Terminal 2
From Xianyang City:
Rainbow Hotel
From the arrival of the first flight to 20:30
7:00-18:00 every hour
CNY 15


The fastest way to travel to Xi’an International Airport is by taxi, although it is certainly not for budget travelers. The best taxi fares for a trip between the airport and the city center can already reach up to CNY 100 to CNY 120. However, if you are coming from the airport, some taxi drivers may increase the price and may refuse to use the meter. When coming from the airport, follow the airport directions leading to the taxi parking lots and choose the green taxis. Make sure to negotiate the fare before you get in the car.

Carpooling is also an option and is, in fact, the most economical and also the fastest. The fare for carpooling is only around CNY 60 to 70 for every person.

Xian Airport Intercity Buses

Those who are traveling to/from nearby cities outside of Xi’an can take the intercity buses that depart or stop at the Xi’an International Airport. Currently, many intercity bus lines make traveling convenient for commuters. Schedules, stops, ticket fares, and travel times are as follows:

Bus line Schedule Scenter Ticket fare Travel time
Airport – Baoji City 9:30-20:300 every hour or every 90 minutes Terminal 2 parking lot CNY 60 2 hours and a half
Baoji - Airport 6:00-17:30 every 2 hours or so Baoji East Station CNY 60 2 hours and a half
Airport - Hanzhong City 11:00-20:30 Terminal 2 parking lot CNY 114 4 hours
Hanzhong City - Airport 6:00-14:00 Hanyunsi Bus Station CNY 114 4 hours
Airport – Weinan City 10:30-20:30 Terminal 2 parking lot CNY 45 1 hour and a half
Weinan City - Airport 6:00-17:00 Weinan Railway Station CNY 45 1 hour and a half
Airport – Tongchuan City 8:30-18:30 every 30 minutes Terminal 2 parking lot CNY 40 1 hour and a half
Tongchuan City - Airport 7:00-18:00 hourly Zhengyang International Hotel CNY 40 1 hour and a half
Airport – Lintong District 10:30-17:30 Terminal 2 parking lot CNY 30 1 hour
Lintong District - Airport 8:00–16:30 Lintong Bus Station CNY 30 1 hour
Airport-Yanliang District 10:30-17:30 Terminal 2 parking lot CNY 35 1 hour
Yanliang District - Airport 7:00-17:00 Yang Liang Bus Station CNY 35 1 hour
Airport – Yan’an City 12:00 Terminal 2 parking lot CNY 100 4 hours
Yan’an City - Airport 10:30 Yan’an South Bus Station CNY 100 4 hours


Currently, no subway line can transfer passengers directly to the Terminal 3 building. A direct line, however, from Xian North Railway Station to the Terminal 3 is being planned.

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