What is the luggage allowance of China train

Just like taking a flight, there is a baggage allowance to adhere to when taking a train. Please read on to see how many bags you can take on a train in China, and where to place them.

Weight and Size Limits

The maximum weight and size for free carry-on baggage for each passenger is as follows. All items exceeding this should be consigned to a rail freight car or mailed separately.

Baggage Allowance on China Trains

Free Baggage Allowance

Baggage Size

For normal trains:

For high-speed trains (C, D, and G trains):

Taking a China train

Things You Can't Bring on a China Train 

  Prohibited Items

The items listed below are not permitted on a train or in a train station:

Limited Quantity Items

You can take the following items on a train in limited quantities:

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