1991 Chinese Zodiac, Year of the Metal Goat Personality, Predictions

Written by Matteo Updated Feb. 1, 2024

1991 is the year of the metal goat. People born in the metal goat year are gentle, kind, and patient. They have a strong sense of responsibility. They are also known for being determined, stubborn, and generous.

In the dragon year 2024, people born in 1991 will have a smooth and stable fortune. There are many things worth looking forward to. However, there will be several unlucky stars affecting their fortune, making the year 2024 a mixed year of good and bad luck for them.

Goat's Horoscope
Goat's Horoscope

1991 Metal Goat/Gold Goat Personality

People born in 1991 are kind-hearted, ambitious, and responsible. They may appear gentle on the outside, but in fact, they are very tough on the inside.  They prefer to follow a step-by-step plan in everything they do.

They are capable, and many of them establish their careers. They value principles and uphold integrity. However, they can be stubborn at times and lack flexibility. They may be overly insistent on their principles, which can lead to conflicts with superiors and disputes with colleagues.

They are suitable for specializing in a particular skill and if they do so, most of them can achieve outstanding achievements.

In terms of love, the gold goats can be somewhat clingy and indecisive in the development of their relationships. If they feel that the relationship is not suitable or does not match reality, they may find it difficult to let go. 

Monthly Predictions for the Metal Goat 2024

Generally, people born in 1991 will have a stable and smooth fortune in 2024, as they will be blessed by the God of Age for good luck this year.

Goat’s Horoscope in Month 1 (Feb. 10 to Mar. 9, 2024)

According to Goat’s 2024 horoscope prediction, the first lunar month can be a lucky time for people born in the Year of the Goat to make progress in work. Although there are many chances to make progress in work and earn more salary, you still need to make great efforts.

There is no big problem in terms of health, but pay attention to weather changes to avoid minor illnesses such as respiratory diseases.

Goat’s Horoscope in Month 2 (Mar. 10 to Apr. 8, 2024)

According to Goat's horoscope 2024, Goat people's fortune in wealth in the second lunar month is average. It is not advised to make a big investment this month. Goat people who do business should pay attention to the overall cash flow. 

Goat people's romantic fortunes are also average this month. It is likely to be hard for singles to start dating. For married ones, you will have a stable relationship with your partner.

Goat’s Horoscope in Month 3 (Apr. 9 to May. 7, 2024)

Goat people’s fortune in career will not be fluctuating this month. To achieve good results in work, Goat people would better act according to their ability instead of asking for extra work tasks. 

For Goat people who do business, your wealth fortune will be very good this month. There will be a chance for you to welcome many new customers due to introductions from old customers, which will be very profitable.

This month, Goat people's health fortune is on a downtrend. It is suggested that you stay away from extreme sports which may cause potential dangers to them, such as cliff climbing and rafting in deep water.

Metal Goats' Fortune in Month 4 (May. 8 to Jun. 5, 2024)

This month, the overall fortune of people born in the year 1991 will show a significant downward trend. There will be more problems in both work and emotions, requiring more time and energy to deal with.

Metal goat people will face great work pressure and encounter many difficult problems. Even if they work hard themselves, they will still feel very tired. However, as long as they actively respond, they will eventually overcome the difficulties. 

Goat's horoscope in the Month 5 (Jun. 6 to Jul. 5, 2024)

Goat people. the fortune for you will remain in a low state. In the workplace, they should be careful not to get into disputes with colleagues.   In daily life, you should pay attention to your tone and way of speaking when interacting with others to avoid saying something wrong. No matter what kind of social relations you are dealing with, goat people should maintain a cautious and low-key attitude, and smile at others, and they will also receive good results. 

Goat's Horoscope in the Month 6 (Jul. 6 to Aug. 3, 2024)

This month, the fortune of the metal goat people does not show significant improvement. Goats may feel physically and mentally exhausted, lacking the motivation to do anything. Fortunately, they will receive help from a mentor in their career.  Even if they face many difficulties, there will be people to share the burden and help them get out of the predicament.

In addition to work, they should also pay attention to their health. Try not to get too tired at work, and take the necessary rest. 

Metal Goat's Fortune Predictions in month 7 ( August 8 - September 8)

Goat people, you will have good luck in all aspects. They will probably get help from a mentor and have breakthroughs in their careers. Office workers must seize the opportunity, and not miss the chance for exams, promotions, and upgrades.

Goats' Horoscope in Month 7 (Aug. 4 to Sep. 2, 2024)

The fortune of the goat people will have a downward trend this month. Many problems will arise at work, challenging the goat's adaptability and emergency response. Goat people, you should not evade when dealing with problems. Going to seek help when necessary can help you get out of the predicament as soon as possible.

Goat's Horoscope in Month 8 (Sep. 3 to Oct. 2, 2024)

The overall fortune in this month 8 for people who were born in the year of the Goat is just-so-so.

In terms of work, Goat people won’t encounter too many difficulties. However, there won’t be many chances to make development.  

This month, Goat people need to pay attention to mental health. You are advised to go hiking or have short trips with partners to release pressure and breathe fresh air, which helps improve your health condition.

Goat's Horoscope in Month 9 (Oct. 3 to Oc. 31, 2024)

Goat people's fortune is average. They will have negative emotions and feel that life is difficult. Their mood becomes bad, which makes them feel everything is going wrong with them. Their bad mood is very likely to affect work and life. 

So, goat people need a vacation at this stage. You can use the rest time to adjust your state, relieve stress, and then gain back your good mood again. 


Goat's Horoscope in  Month 10 (Nov. 1 to Nov. 30, 2024)

The goat will have very good luck in the 10th month. You are proactive in the face of opportunities, therefore, there will be opportunities for career advancement. With the blessing of a mentor in the workplace, not only can crises be resolved, but also opportunities for promotion and salary increase can be brought. Goat. you should perform well at work, and good news can be expected at the end of the month.

Goat's Horoscope in Month 11 (Dec. 1, to Dec. 30, 2024)

As the year draws to a close, the fortune of the metal goat 1991 is average in all aspects, especially in interpersonal relationships and health.

In the workplace, there will always be disagreements with colleagues over trivial matters, which will affect the normal progress of work. To improve their career fortune, they should make continuous efforts, and handle well the relationships. Try to get well along with people.

Goat's Horoscope in Month 12 (Dec. 31, 2024 to Jan. 28, 2025)

In the last month of the Year of the Rabbit, the luck for the goat people is not so good. They may feel physically and mentally exhausted due to the interference of some problems.

There are many year-end social events. The complicated interpersonal relationships make them difficult to cope with. They will face tasks that they can not handle. 

Career Horoscope for the Metal Goat 1991 in 2024

Metal goats born in 1991 will have an average performance in 2024. They will be blessed by auspicious stars, which will lead to significant progress in their work.

However,  they may be overlooked by others in their workplace. To achieve career progress, they should not only work hard but also learn to showcase their abilities. They will likely be treated unfairly at work. If this happens, goat people should stand up for themselves and protect their interests. 

 For goats who are entrepreneurs, maintaining good relationships is crucial. They should control their temper when interacting with others, establish good cooperative relationships, and seek help when facing difficulties. 

Wealth Horoscope for the Metal Goat in 2024

In 2024, the metal goat born in 1991 will be troubled by the inauspicious star "Five Ghosts," and your wealth and fortune will not be ideal.

You will have trouble managing their expenses and may overspend, leading to financial difficulties at the end of the year. 

Be cautious of any investment traps this year.  You should analyze and choose any financial investment projects based on their situation. Any risky ideas may bring unnecessary financial crises for you.

The Love Horoscope in 2024

In 2024, metal goat, your love fortune will be stable. Married goats will have a harmonious relationship with their partners.

Single goats should focus on improving themselves in 2024. Only by continuously working hard and becoming better,  can they attract more attention from the opposite sex.  They must control their emotions and not make irrational decisions when starting a new relationship. 

1991 Metal/Gold Goat's Love Compatibility

The metal goats born in 1991 are best compatible with the Horse, the Rabbit, and the Pig

The Goat and the Horse

Goats and Horses can make a very compatible couple. They have similar outlooks on life and values, so it is easy for them to get well along with each other.  The longer they are together, the more they discover each other's charm. 

The Goat and the  Rabbit

The goat and the rabbit are a highly compatible couple. They are both thoughtful and can care for and understand each other in life. They both feel very lucky to be partners with each other and will enjoy long-lasting love. 

The Goat and the Pig

The metal goat born in 1991 and the pig are very likely to become a loving couple. They both value family and work hard to maintain their marriage. They both have good personalities and are tolerant and understanding of each other. They will live a happy and contented life together. 

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