Chinese Zodiac Calculator: What is My Chinese Zodiac Sign

Written by Sally Guo Updated Dec. 21, 2023

The Chinese zodiac consists of 12 animal signs, each year is associated with a zodiac animal. Each zodiac sign year is associated with one of the five elements: gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. 

Your zodiac sign and element are based on your birth year.  Chinese zodiac signs are used to predict a person's love match and personality analytics.   

Use this Chinese zodiac calculator to find out your zodiac sign, element, and horoscope for 2024.

What is Your Chinese Zodiac

Like Western astrology, the Chinese zodiac is used for fortune-telling, offering putative guidance in life. It is believed that people born in different zodiac years will have different personalities and different fates.

Click your zodiac sign below and read more to find your zodiac details and horoscope in 2024.

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