Gold, Water, Fire, Earth, Wood Dogs - Five Elements of Zodiac Dogs

Written by Sally Guo Updated Dec. 21, 2023

Each zodiac dog year is associated with one of the five elements: gold, water, fire, earth, and wood. For example, 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog. 

Dogs are loyal, warm, and unassuming. They have a good sense of justice and rarely do things wrong. People born in dog years with five different elements have different personalities and fortunes. Read this article and see if you are the lucky dog.

Five Elements of the Chinese Zodiac Dog

There are five types of dogs: gold dog, earth dog, fire dog, wood dog, and water dog. The Chinese zodiac dog years come every 12 years as a cycle. The Dog year with specific elements comes once in a 60-year cycle. 

Dog Years Birth Dates Element
2030 3 Feb 2030 to 22 Jan 2031 Gold Dog
2018 16 Feb 2018 to 4 Feb 2019 Earth Dog
2006 29 Jan 2006 to 17 Feb 2007 Fire Dog
1994 10 Feb 1994 to 30 Jan 1995 Wood Dog
1982 25 Jan 1982 to 12 Feb 1983 Water Dog
1970 6 Feb 1970 to 26 Jan 1971 Gold Dog
1958 18 Feb 1958 to 7 Feb 1959 Earth Dog
1946 2 Feb 1946 to 21 Jan 1947 Fire Dog

Gold/Mental Dog

Birth Years: 1970, 1910, 2030

People born in the dog year are associated with the element of gold.

Gold Dog’s Personality

Most of them are good-looking and very attractive. They are usually concerned about their appearance very much. They are fond of making up and being good at that.

Gold dogs are greatly conservative, outgoing, gorgeous, and independent. They would like to work on their own rather than rely on others. They are the most persistent. Whatever they are doing, they can keep forward toward their goals and never give up until they achieve their goals. 

Gold dogs are kind and willing to help others, which may cause them trouble sometimes.

Gold Dog’s Fortune

Dog people with the element of gold have very good fortune. They are good at managing money affairs and they usually get nice profits from the investments. Thanks to their good-looking appearance and romantic temperament, gold dog people’s love fortune is also great. They will share their lives with people who are on the same wavelength.

Gold dogs’ career luck will rise from their middle age. They are likely to be officials. In the office, gold dog people should be more careful when making friends with colleagues. They may be framed due to their popularity.

Water Dog

Birth Years: 2042, 1922. 

1922 and 2082 are the year of the water dog. A water dog year comes every 60 years. The next water dog year will be 2042.

Water Dog’s Personality

People born in water dog years are patient, kind-hearted, and energetic. They are always impassioned and never flinch from facing up to trouble. Water dog regard friendship as an important part of their life. They think deeply and they always have special views on moral dilemmas.

They usually work hard and perform well in their work. Being far-sighted with strong abilities, they are the most excellent employees in companies and are often appreciated by their bosses. The chance for them to be promoted is very high.

Water dogs hate to be bound by trivial daily affairs. They dream of the free and easy life of the stars in movies.  They are often criticized by their partners as dreamers. 

Water Dog’s Fortune

People born in water dog years may suffer a lot in their youth stage. In their middle age, the water dog’s fortune will be good. They would get support from some great people. Water dogs know how to deal with money. They plan carefully before investing. Water dog people are usually rich in their later life.

Water dogs are responsible. They pay full attention to their partners once they fall in love. However, they are easy to be bound by their love. What is worse is that water dogs’ careers may be influenced by their love issues.    

Fire Dog

Birth Years:2006, 1946

People born in the year of the dog associated with the fire element are the fire dog. The recent fire dog years are 1946, 2006, and 2066.

Fire Dog’s Personality

People born in fire dog years are loyal and generous. They like a peaceful life. Fire dog people often feel insecure. They fear marriage. It is hard for them to keep a long-term relationship. Fire dogs are fit for an art career.

Most fire dogs have great dreams when they are young and most likely, their dreams will come true. They are realistic and know how to achieve their goals step by step. They work very hard and usually are full of motivation in their workplace for their dreams. 

They are warm-hearted and have great sympathy for people in hardship, but they are very prudent when they decide to offer help. 

Fire Dog’s Fortune

Generally speaking, people born in the fire dog years have average luck in wealth. Though they are good at earning money,  they are poor at managing their wealth. They may suffer failure investments. So fire dogs should be more careful in any business investments.

Wood Dog

Birth Years: 1994, 1934

People born in 1994 and 1934 are wood dogs. Wood dogs were born in the dog years with the element of wood.

Wood Dog’s Personality

People born in wood dog years are polite, friendly, and steady. They are sympathetic and happy to help others. They are the most persistent of all the dogs. What they plan to do, they will keep doing until they achieve their goals no matter what hardships they may encounter. 

Wood dogs are patient, and they are very good at jobs that require patience. They are very likely to be successful in such a field. 

Wood dogs are rational and make decisions on intelligent thinking rather than on emotion.   

Wood Dog’s Fortune

Wood dog people have good fortune in their careers. They have the talent for managing and they are fit to be administrators. Wood dogs can efficiently manage a team. Their good managing talent also works on their wealth project. They would have enough money to live in comfort in their old age.

Wood dogs have good luck in love, too. They will find their soulmates when they are young and get into a happy marriage.

Earth Dog

Birth Year: 2018, 1958

1958 and 2018 are the year of the earth dog. An earth dog year comes every 60 years. 

Earth Dog’s Personality

Earth dogs are people of tolerance and principle. They are kind, they would like to put themselves in other people’s shoes. Earth dogs have good responsibility. Also, people born in earth dog years are grateful. They never forget the ones who give them a hand.

Earth Dog’s Fortune

From youth to old, earth dog’s fortune keeps rising. Earth dogs have an ordinary fortune in wealth in youth. They have to struggle for life by themselves from nothing. But earth dog people surely can come over that period as they are strong enough. Earth dogs’ wealth fortune comes better in their middle age and will be great in old age.

Earth dogs are a little bit clumsy when facing their love and they are not good at expressing their feelings. But earth dogs are loyal and responsible for relationships. They value love very much.

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