Dragon's Horoscope 2024, Monthly Prediction for 2024

Written by Matteo Updated Feb. 1, 2024

The Dragon people may not have ideal fortunes in 2024, as they will suffer from opposition to their Age Star.

They are likely to experience economic pressures, with expenses possibly increasing, and may lose money due to mistakes. In terms of career opportunities, there will be few in 2024.  Additionally, there is a risk of making mistakes and having poor relationships with leaders and bosses.

Dragon's Horoscope
Dragon's Horoscope

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Dragon’s Wealth Prediction in 2024

Dragon people's wealth fortune is relatively stable this year. Although it is not likely for you to make a huge fortune, you can get payback for all the hard work you have done. which would be steady and reliable to support your daily needs and there are chances to earn extra money from investments.

Dragon people who do business, due to the help of benefactors, your business will develop smoothly. However, it is suggested that Dragon people be cautious and make thorough investigations before opening up a new branch or investing on a large scale.

Dragon’s Career Fortune in 2024

Dragon people's career fortune will be characterized by ups and downs. your working ability will improve a lot this year due to all the hard work you have done before and you will be appreciated by your supervisors. However, job difficulties increase, and work pressure comes with it as a result. 

In addition, competitors at the workplace are very likely to make trouble for you. Fortunately, you could finish tasks and solve all the problems through hard work and stop the unsatisfied relationship in a timely.

Dragon’s Love Horoscope in 2024

According to the Dragon horoscope in 2024, Dragon people's luck in terms of love is average this year.

Single Dragons may start seeing someone with the help of family members or friends. But your relationship would be quite flat and lack romance. 

For those who are already in a relationship, you may not have planned to get married this year probably due to busy work and life pressure.

Married Dragons, your relationship will be relatively flat this year. When there are conflicts, it is recommended both of you be more tolerant of your partner and deal with the disputes between them maturely, rather than complaining to each other.

Dragon’s Health Forecast in 2024

Overall, most of the Dragon people are in good health condition. You are energetic and resilient to illnesses. However, a few Dragon people with long-term unhealthy lifestyles may bring some potential health risks. They should care more about their health, keep a regular and balanced diet, and avoid staying up late. 

2024 Monthly Horoscope for Dragons

In Chinese astrology, a Chinese zodiac sign’s monthly predictions are based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Corresponding dates on the Gregorian calendar are given for your reference.

Dragon’s Horoscope in Month 1 (Feb. 10 to Mar. 9, 2024)

According to the Chinese zodiac horoscope, the Dragon people's career fortune is not at a high level in the first lunar month of 2024. 

At work, Dragon people are very busy this month. But even if you work hard, the tasks may not be finished as planned, making you feel depressed and exhausted. 

In terms of a love relationship, single Dragons may find someone they like and start a romantic relationship. Those who are already in a relationship may need to make more efforts to maintain a harmonious relationship.

Dragon’s Horoscope in Month 2 (Mar. 10 to Apr. 8, 2024)

People with the Dragon zodiac sign are likely to be troubled by many small things at home and work, which makes you feel down this month. 

In terms of work, despite the heavy load of work, you may have conflicts and disputes with co-workers. To avoid conflicts, make clear rules before cooperating with others and then strictly follow the rules in the process of implementation.

Dragons who do business, do not cooperate with strangers and invest in their projects before thorough investigations.

Dragon’s Horoscope in Month 3 (Apr. 9 to May. 7, 2024)

Dragon people's overall fortune will improve slightly this month.

It would be an excellent month for you to develop your career. There are chances to show your talent a great possibility to succeed and achieve a higher income. Businessmen are very likely to find new business opportunities and make more profits.

Single Dragon people are likely to have good luck in love relationships this month. They will have the opportunity to meet someone they like.

Dragon’s Horoscope in Month 4 (May. 8 to Jun. 5, 2024)

This month's career fortune will be good for Dragon people, especially office workers. But you will also face a sudden increase in work pressure. Find ways to improve efficiency instead of working overtime, which may influence your life in other aspects.

The love horoscope for Dragon people this month will be relatively poor. The singles barely have opportunities to meet someone and start dating.

Dragon’s Horoscope in Month 5 (Jun. 6 to Jul. 5, 2024)

In this month 5, Dragon people's work will develop smoothly. There may be breakthroughs in your career this month. 

Dragon people's wealth fortune is not bad this month. You can make a small investment. In the meantime, you also need to pay attention to not spending too much money.

Dragon’s Horoscope in Month 6 (Jul. 6 to Aug. 3, 2024)

It is a lucky month for people born in the Chinese zodiac Dragon year, especially for Dragons.

You would receive help from experienced persons and fully display your talents in the workplace, hence getting recognition from leaders. You are likely to earn a big amount of bonus this month due to your excellent performance at work. 

This month, Dragon people’s love fortune will be stable. Singles are likely to meet someone charming. For married ones, your relationships are harmonious and sweet.

Dragon's Horoscope in Month 7 (Aug. 4 to Sep. 2, 2024)

According to the Chinese zodiac horoscope, it is a month full of changes in career for people born in the Year of the Dragon, which could turn out to be either opportunities or disasters. If you could face the changes bravely and deal with them in time, the changes could become opportunities for better development in the future. If not, you may not perform well at the workplace.

Dragon's Horoscope in Month 8 (Sep. 3 to Oct. 2, 2024)

Dragon people, Your career fortune will decline this month, especially office workers. Your salary would change according to your performance at work.

This month, people with the Chinese zodiac sign Dragon would be lucky to make money in other ways, such as investments and stocks. 

Dragon people may have minor health problems this month. Pay attention to your health and ask your doctors for suggestions.

Dragon's Horoscope in Month 9 (Oct. 3 to Oc. 31, 2024)

People born in the Year of the Dragon are blessed with good luck in terms of wealth this month, especially businessmen. And your investment luck is also good enough. If you meet some professionals to help you, it would be easy to make some extra money from investments. 

There is no big problem in terms of health, but pay attention to weather changes to avoid minor illnesses.

Dragon's Horoscope in Month 10 (Nov. 1 to Nov. 30, 2024)

Dragon people's careers and wealth fortune are on an uptrend this month. Benefiting from your hard work and talents, difficulties that couldn't be solved last month would be solved and your tasks would be finished as planned, which will gain you praise and higher income. 

Single Dragon people's love fortune this month is relatively poor. The singles may start dating. However, after knowing each other better, the relationship may end due to personality clashes.

Dragon's Horoscope in Month 11 (Dec. 1, to Dec. 30, 2024)

People born in the Year of the Dragon would do a great job this year thanks to your talent, hard work, and help from your leaders and co-workers.

Dragon people's love fortune this month would be plain. Singles may remain single. It is hard for them to meet someone and start dating. Married Dragons also need to pay attention to their relationship with their partner. Don't quarrel over trivial matters and spend more time communicating with each other.

Dragon's Horoscope in Month 12 (Dec. 31, 2024 to Jan. 28, 2025)

Dragon people's overall fortune will be good in the last lunar month of 2024. Your smartness and diligence will be easily appreciated by your supervisors, so there are more opportunities for you to get a promotion.

For Dragons who do business, you will see very good opportunities to expand your business further this month.

Fortune Predictions for Dragon People Born in 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000…

Dragons have a strong sense of responsibility. With the support of good fortune, they can always solve problems perfectly and have great success. When their fortune turns down, they also live a hard life. What’s the fortune of dragons born in different years in 2024? let’s have a look.

Fortune Predictions for Dragons Born in 1940

Dragons born in 1940 are already 82 years old. But they still keep a great interest in new things. Attend some hobby groups in communities if their physical condition is good. Then their lives can be rich and colorful.

Don’t go out alone to avoid bruises on your hands and feet. If you want to go out, ask your family member to pick you up or take the convenient vehicle.

Fortune Predictions for Dragons Born in 1952

Dragons born in 1952, don’t make any investment this year because they may probably suffer huge losses. They’d better not provide loan guarantees for family members this year.

The wealth fortune is smooth this year but they should still keep doing exercise to avoid high blood pressure and diabetes.

Fortune Predictions for Dragons Born in 1964

Dragons born in 1964 should especially pay attention to careers this year. They’re still full of enthusiasm for working. If they are management, they should learn effective talent management. In 2024, they will reach new working areas. Dragons should learn from young colleagues if they have questions.

Moreover, dragons may suffer from minor diseases, so please do regular body examinations.

Fortune Predictions for Dragons Born in 1976

Dragons born in 1976 have a very heavy burden and this year must be a hard year for dragons.

In 2024, don’t have a conflict with female colleagues, especially female supervisors, because dragons may encounter oppression from female superiors. Please be careful with investment because dragons' health fortune is unsmooth this year.

In 2024, watch out for your head and hand when driving a car.

Fortune Predictions for Dragons Born in 1988

Dragons born in 1988 is in the golden period of career development this year. They will get a promotion and salary increase. Thus, highly recommend dragons make a plan for their career.

The wealth fortune is smooth and can be considered a suitable investment this year.

The single dragons are expected to meet men or women of superior conditions this year. The married male dragons should be faithful to their wives and avoid an affair with other females.

Be alert to skin allergies.

Fortune Predictions for Dragons Born in 2000

Dragons born in 2000, will have good fortune in their career and studies. Try to make a change and it will be the turn of your career. Dragons who just start their first job, will meet some difficulties and make some mistakes this year. Learn from their predecessor and ask for advice. Also, adjust their attitude at the same time.

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