Year of the Goat

The Year of the Goat is eighth in the 12-year cycle of animal years of the Chinese zodiac. Goat years are …1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015… If you were born in one of these years, then you are a Goat.

Chinese zodiac years are based on the Chinese lunar calendar, each zodiac animal's year comes around every 12 years. It traditionally begins with the Year of the Rat.

Goat Years

In Chinese philosophy, there are five elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Years sharing the same animal sign and element repeat every 60 years.

It is said that personal characteristics are associated with the birth of animal signs and elements. People born with different animal signs and elements will have different personalities.

Types of Goat Years of Birth Personality Traits
Wood Goat 1955,2015 genial and kindly
Fire Goat 1967,2027 gentle, thoughtful
Earth Goat 1979,2039 righteous and honest
Metal Goat 1931,1991 a strong heart and responsible
Water Goat 1943,1903 kind, don't like cutting a smart figure

Goat's Personality

Goats are tender, thoughtful, honest, and kind-hearted. They have a gentle appearance with a strong heart. They are responsible and they will do everything to fulfill their missions. But they are too obstinate sometimes and lack flexibility. They are suitable to specialize in a certain skill and can achieve an outstanding achievement.

Goat's Compatibility

Goat’s Compatibility

Best Match with Goat: Rabbit, Pig

Goats and Rabbits fit perfectly in personality, they are both romantic and kind so they will tolerate each other and enjoy married life.

Goats are family-oriented, and their reliance will make Pigs feel content.

Worst Match with Goat: Rat

Rats are not compatible with Goat. Couples that are formed from these two animal signs won't get rich and nothing will go well as there won't be much trust and understanding in the relationship.

How to Get Luck for People Born in the Year of the Goat?

Lucky Things for Goat

Goat's 2021 Horoscope

Goat's 2021 Horoscope

No matter how good or bad forecasts for Goats in 2021 are, or what type of Goat you are, you don't need to take it too seriously. It is for reference only, just like western astrology.


Goat people care more about their appearance than the temperature. They should pay attention to whether the clothes are suitable for the weather.


The Goat will meet a lot of trouble in their career in 2021, but they can solve the problem well by their own ability. Their performance is impressive, and they will get the appreciation of the superior. They will have the opportunity of promotion. The Goat is not suitable to work on risky investments in case there are unexpected impediments and difficulties.


Goats' luck of the fortune is not bad this year. But if the Goat is born in the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar year, they will be tough in their youth life and stable in middle age.

The fortune of the Goat is usually smooth and steady because the metal of the terrestrial branch can contribute to the metal of the five elements of the Goat. But when they meet Gui (癸), the last of the ten heavenly stems, their fortune will unsteadiness and the following situations are easy to happen:

  • The luck of fortune takes a turn for the better suddenly;
  • The money they earn is more and more year by year;
  • When their money is earned to a certain degree, there will be something happened to make them suffer unexpected personal financial losses. Therefore, when there is a sum of money coming into their pocket, they should buy some Hedging Products or something they like.


Goats are generally at a slow pace. In the process of the development of a relationship, they are always lingering, and hard to decide whether to fall in love or not. Try to make every effort to make a decision this year.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Goat

  • Nicole Kidman (Australian actress): born 20 June 1967
  • Steve Jobs (the chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Apple Inc.): born 24 February 1955
  • Rupert Murdoch (American media mogul): born 11 March 1931
  • Empress Dowager Cixi (ruler of China in the late Qing dynasty): born 29 November 1835
  • Michelangelo (Italian artist): born 6 March 1475

Introduction to the 12 Zodiac Animals

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