Year of the Goat - Personality, Horoscope 2024

Written by Matteo Updated Feb. 1, 2024

The Goat is the 8th animal of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. The recent years of the goat are 2027, 2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955, and 1943… 

The Goat symbolizes beauty, purity, and peace in Chinese culture. People born in the snake years are gentle, kind-hearted, and honest. They tend to be sensitive and hesitant. 

The fortune for goat people in 2024 is very stable. They can receive help from influential people this year, and their careers are likely to progress to a higher stage. 

year of the goat
year of the goat

Chinese Zodiac Goat Years

The year of the goat comes every 12 years as a cycle. The recent goat years are 2027, 2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955, and 1943.

Chinese zodiac years are based on the Chinese lunar calendar which is around one or two months later than the Gregorian calendar. The Chinese New Year marks the transition from one animal to the next.

Goat Years Birth Dates Types of Goat
2027 6 Feb 2027 to 25 Jan 2028 Fire Goat
2015 19 Feb 2015 to 7 Feb 2016 Wood Goat
2003 1 Feb 2003 to 21 Jan 2004 Water Goat
1991 15 Feb 1991 to 3 Feb 1992 Gold Goat
1979 28 Jan 1979 to 15 Feb 1980 Earth Goat
1967 9 Feb 1967 to 29 Jan 1968 Fire Goat
1955 24 Jan 1955 to 11 Feb 1956 Wood Goat
1943 5 Feb 1943 to 24 Jan 1944 Water Goat

Use the Chinese Zodiac calculator below to find out your zodiac sign and element.

Gold, Earth, Fire, Wood, Water Goat

In Chinese element theory, each zodiac sign is associated with one of the five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth.

Years with the same animal sign and element repeat every 60 years. The most recent Goat year is 2027. It is the year of the Fire Goat.

Goats Birth Years Personality Traits
Gold Goat 1991, 2003 Gold goats are kind and responsible, which makes them good friend material.
Earth Goat 1979 The earth goats are talented, emotional, and compassionate.
Fire Goat 1967, 2027 The fire goats are frank and stubborn.
Wood Goat 1955, 2015 The wood goats are soft, polite, and warm-hearted.
Water Goat 2003, 1943 attentive, hard-working, and loyal.

Goat’s Personality - Thoughtful, Honest, and Kind-Hearted

Goats are tender, thoughtful, honest, and kind-hearted. They have a gentle appearance with strong hearts.

People born in the year of the goat are responsible, they will do everything to fulfill their missions. But they are too obstinate sometimes and lack flexibility. They are suitable to specialize in a certain skill and can achieve outstanding achievements.

Female Goat's Characteristics

Women born in the year of the goat are romantic, soft, and sensitive. They are good at noticing things. Do not try to cheat on female goats, not even the smallest details can escape their eyes.

Male Goat's Characteristics

Men born in the year of the goat are kind, gentle, and charming. Having lots of friends from different areas, male goats are easy to get along with. They don’t like giving themselves too much pressure and don’t criticize others either.

Goat's Compatibility

People born in the goat years like to be alone and prefer a quiet way of life. They do not like to be the center of attention, if you would like to please a goat person, do not rush, the keyword is patience.

Goat's Compatibility

Best Match with Goat: Rabbit, Pig

Goats and Rabbits fit perfectly in personality, they are both romantic and kind so they will tolerate each other and enjoy married life.

Goats are family-oriented, and their reliance will make Pigs feel at ease. There is seldom confrontation between goat people and pig people.

Worst Match with Goat: Rat

People born in the goat years are not compatible with rat people. They may think rat people are too shrewd to afford their romantic life. But in the rat’s eyes, goat people always seek ease and comfort. The relationship between goat and rat won’t be harmonious if they cannot reach a consensus on financial affairs.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Calculator


Goat's Horoscope Predictions in 2024

Goat people, this year is full of opportunities for you. You are likely to make great achievements in your career. You will encounter favorable partners in 2024, which will help you get good gains in various aspects. 

Goat’s Career Forecast in 2024

The Goats will meet a lot of trouble in their career in 2024, but they can solve the problem well by their ability. Their performance is impressive, and they will get the appreciation of their superiors. They will have the opportunity for promotion. Goat people are not suitable to work on risky investments in case there are unexpected impediments and difficulties.

Goat’s Finance Fortune in 2024

Goats' luck of the fortune is not bad this year. But if the Goat is born in the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar year, it will be tough in its youth live and stable in middle age.

When their money is earned to a certain degree, there will be something that happens to make them suffer unexpected personal financial losses. Therefore, when there is a sum of money coming into their pocket, they should buy some Hedging Products or something they like.

Goat’s Love Horoscope in 2024

Goats are generally at a slow pace. In the process of the development of a relationship, they are always lingering, and hard to decide whether to fall in love or not. Try to make every effort to make a decision this year.

Goat’s Health Prediction in 2024

Goat people care more about their appearance than the temperature. They should pay attention to whether the clothes are suitable for the weather.

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How to Get Lucky in 2024 for Goat People?

Follow the lucky things and avoid these unlucky ones, it may help you have a smooth 2024.

Goat's Lucky Things

Goat's Lucky Things

Goat's Unlucky Things

Famous People Born in the Year of the Goat

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