Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth Goats -Five Elements of Goat

Written by Sally Guo Updated Dec. 21, 2023

The goat comes over as a docile animal. Are goat people meek and weak like their zodiac sign? Of course not. Goat people born with different elements have different personalities and fortunes. Let’s read this article to see how different they are.

Five Elements of the Chinese Zodiac Goat

The Chinese zodiac goat years come every 12 years as a cycle. The goat year with specific elements comes once in a 60-year cycle. For example, 1967 is the year of the goat with Fire. The next Fire Goat Year is 2025. Here are the recent goat years.

Goat Years Birth Dates Types of Goat
2027 6 Feb 2027 to 25 Jan 2028 Fire Goat
2015 19 Feb 2015 to 7 Feb 2016 Wood Goat
2003 1 Feb 2003 to 21 Jan 2004 Water Goat
1991 15 Feb 1991 to 3 Feb 1992 Gold Goat
1979 28 Jan 1979 to 15 Feb 1980 Earth Goat
1967 9 Feb 1967 to 29 Jan 1968 Fire Goat
1955 24 Jan 1955 to 11 Feb 1956 Wood Goat
1943 5 Feb 1943 to 24 Jan 1944 Water Goat

Gold Goat

Birth Years: 1991, 1931

People born in the year of the goat associated with the gold element is the Gold Goat. The recent gold goat years are 1931, 1991, and 2051.

Gold Goat’s Personality

Goat people born with the gold element are ambitious, responsible, and principled. Thanks to these qualities, gold goats are fit for technical work like engineers and scientists. However, most gold goats are not good at communicating. Gold goats must learn how to deal with relationships.   

Gold Goat’s Fortune

Gold goats may experience some hard times when they are young. But their fortune will become good and stable in their middle age.

People born in gold goat years can easily become swallowed by emotions. They are likely to be lost in various fancies and conjectures. Many work chances happen in their lifetime. Goat people should stay grounded in the material realm. If gold goats can seize the opportunity, they will achieve success.

Water Goat

Birth Years: 2003, 1943

1943 and 2003 are the year of the water goat. A water goat year comes every 60 years. The next water goat year will be 2063.

Water Goat’s Personality

Water goats are working hard and scrupulous. They don’t like to complain or be in the limelight. They know what they want, and they are not afraid to work hard to get it. Besides, people born in water goat years always stand for friends. They are happy to help others. In return, they can get others’ support when they are in trouble. 

Water Goat’s Fortune

Water goats have the good fortune of wealth. They get rich from their career instead of the investment. People born in water goat years have a talent for the arts. They are good at working in the cultural field. If they focus on music or art at a young age, they can become successful in these fields.

Water goats rarely get support from their parents, but they have good love and fortune. Their partners can give them emotional support when they are in darkness.

Fire Goat

Birth Years: 1907, 1967

1907 and 1967 are the year of the fire goat. A fire goat year comes every 60 years. The next fire goat year will be 2027.

Fire Goat’s Personality

People born in fire goat years are soft, but they have firm faith. Fire goats deal with information like a computer. They do things decisively. However, constantly chasing after the ideal can be destructive. They usually pretend to accept others' opinions, but they will never take action.

Fire Goat’s Fortune

Fire goat people are thirsty for wealth and the high class, they dedicate themselves to politics and try to make money in various ways. However, they are never saved as fire goats spend a lot on daily life.  It is hard for them to afford the extravagant lifestyle on their income.

Fire goats’ love fortune is good. The opposite sex is easy to fall in love with fire goat people at first sight. Although fire goats are married, they are still surrounded by single people. People born in fire goat years are advised to avoid affairs at work and not marry early.

Wood Goat

Birth Years: 2015, 1955

People born in the year of goat associated with the wood element is the wood goat. The recent wood goat years are 1955, 2015, and 2075.

Wood Goat’s Personality

Wood goat people are cheerful, good-mannered, and sympathetic. Wood goats are, Even though they have a quick tongue, easy to get along with. People born in wood goat years are prudent and independent. They throw themselves into various social activities when they are young.

Wood Goat’s Fortune

People born in wood goat years have good fortune in the young and middle ages. Wood goats will make a fortune overseas rather than in their hometown. They can get financial support from unexpected people.

Wood goats are not afraid to compete with others. They want to be the best ones on all sides. It is not bad for wood goat people. The competition can temper their willpower.  

Earth Goat

Birth Years: 1979, 1979

The zodiac sign of people born between 1919 and 1979 is the earth goat. The next earth goat year is 2039.

Earth Goat’s Personality

Earth goats are fond of thinking, they are good at learning. People born in earth goat years don’t like scheming people. They are people-pleasing to some degree. They would like to maintain the attention of admirers even though it may hurt them. Earth goats struggle with indecision. They constantly seek outside perspectives.

Earth Goat’s Fortune

There were so many unpredictable fluctuations in earth goats’ fortune. They can earn a lot from their business, but they will lose a lot in a short time. Earth goats should make a workable plan before starting to invest.

Earth goat people’s life gets better from their youth to midlife.

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