Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth Horses

Written by Sally Guo Updated Dec. 21, 2023

According to the Chinese element theory, the zodiac horse is associated with one of the five elements: gold/metal, fire, wood, water, and earth.  

So, there are 5 types of horses: gold horse, fire horse, wood horse, water horse, and earth horse. 2026 will be the year of the fire horse. 

Five Elements of the Chinese Zodiac Horse

 Here are five types of horses with their birth year: 

Birth Years Birth Dates Element
2026 17 Feb 2026 to 5 Feb 2027 Fire Horse
2014 31 Jan 2014 to 18 Feb 2015 Wood Horse
2002 12 Feb 2002 to 31 Jan 2003 Water Horse
1990 27 Jan 1990 to 14 Feb 1991 Gold Horse
1978 7 Feb 1978 to 27 Jan 1979 Earth Horse
1966 21 Jan 1966 to 8 Feb 1967 Fire Horse
1954 3 Feb 1954 to 23 Jan 1955 Wood Horse
1942 15 Feb 1942 to 4 Feb 1943 Water Horse

Gold Horse (1990, 1930)

Gold Horse's Personality

People born in gold horse years are kind and emotional. They like to help others and thus are popular among their friends, but they are frank by nature, and may sometimes upset others without meaning to. Generally speaking, gold horses get well along with young people. 

Gold horses have strong wills for their goals. It is not easy for them to be affected by criticism from others, they will keep going toward their goals no matter what others say.  

Gold Horse’s Horoscope

Gold horses have a good wealth fortune.

They usually work very hard and are very loved by their bosses. They usually get the chance to be promoted and will be well-paid for work. 

Gold horses like to work alone, and they hate rigid jobs. Being a freelancer is suitable for them.

They are very constantly in love, but their life is full of challenges. They can only have a harmonious marriage if their partners can tolerate them. 

Fire Horse (2026, 1966)

People born in the horse years associated with the fire element are fire horses. 

Fire Horse's Personality

Fire horses are smart and enthusiastic with strong minds. They are natural leaders who are good at managing their employees.  They usually build a very good relationship with their employees and hence win their respect from them. 

It is not easy to fire horses to keep calm especially when they are in hard times. It is suggested that the fire horses should improve their self-control. Fire horses like to go their own way and refuse to take advice from others even if they are in a new area. If they can improve this weakness and try to be more open-minded, they will make better achievements both in their careers and in life. 

The fire horses are self-confident and never give up. Even if they face great difficulties or are under great pressure, they will do their best to solve the problems with their strong ability and help from their friends.

Fire Horse’s Horoscope

The fire horses are spoiled with great fortune at young ages.  They usually have a great chance to live a rich life after middle age. They are good at earning money. Besides salary, fire horses have the good luck to earn money in other ways, like doing some part-time jobs and making investments.

Fire horses have good love fortune. But getting married too early is not a good thing for them. In marriage, they should try to spend more time with their partners.

Water Horse (2002, 1942)

People who were born in 2002 and 1942 are water horses.

Water Horse's Personality

Water horses are kind, gentle, and considerate. Being strict with themselves but considerate of others, they are very popular among friends.

Water horses are emotional by nature. Although they may have good relationships with their partners when dealing with affection problems, they are indecisive and sort of responsible. So it is suggested that water horses should be more decisive when facing problems in relationships.   

Water Horse's Horoscope 

The water horses' fortune is stable in their lifetime.  Although they may need others to push them to go further in work, they can make great achievements with the help of their friends and wives/husbands. Friends whose zodiac signs are goat, tiger, and dog are the best supporters of the water horse.  

The water horses love their families very much. They would like to spend more time with family and close friends rather than working overtime. 

Wood Horse (2014, 1954)

The wood Horses were born in 2014 and 1954. The element of them is wood.

Wood Horse's Personality

The wood horses work very hard, but they are impatient and hot-tempered. When wood horses do a project, they have full passion and try their best at the beginning, but it is easy for them to give up halfway, especially when difficulties occur.  Wood horses need to try to make much progress in their perseverance to achieve goals.

People born in wood horse years are not good at communication. They always blurt out friends’ secrets or offend others with cheap jokes. If wood horses can pay more attention to their words, they will get a better career.

Wood Horse's Horoscope

unfortunately, generally speaking, Wood Horse’s fortune is flat.  It is hard for them to get help from others when they need it.  They need to stand on their own feet only. Wood horses also have poor love fortune. They tend to get dumped in a relationship.

Earth Horse (1978)

People who were born in 1978 are earth horses. 

Earth Horse's Personality

Earth horses have pure hearts. They are warm and kind-hearted. Earth horses always try to put themselves into others’ shoes. They are very popular among friends and colleagues. Sometimes earth horses are emotional and impatient. But their friends will not leave them alone. Earth horses know how important their friends are to them. 

Earth Horse’s Horoscope

Earth horses have good wealth and fortune. They have an instinct for business. Earth horses can get support from their friends. When the earth horses are in trouble, they always get support from their friends anytime.

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