Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth Monkeys -Five Elements of Monkey

Written by Sally Guo Updated Dec. 21, 2023

In Chinese astrology, each zodiac sign has five elements: gold (metal), wood, water, fire, and earth. Different years of the Monkey have different elements. Monkey people's character and fortune vary due to different elements.

Five Elements of the Chinese Zodiac Monkey

The Chinese zodiac monkey years come every 12 years as a cycle. The Monkey year with specific elements comes once in a 60-year cycle.

For example, 1968 is the year of the Monkey with Earth element. The next Earth Monkey Year is 2028. Here are the recent Monkey years.

Monkey Years Birth Dates Types of Monkey
2028 26 Jan 2028 to 12 Feb 2029 Earth Monkey
2016  8 Feb 2016 to 27 Jan 2017 Fire Monkey
2004  22 Jan 2004 to 8 Feb 2005 Wood Monkey
1992  4 Feb 1992 to 22 Jan 1993 Water Monkey
1980  16 Feb 1980 to 4 Feb 1981 Gold Monkey
1968  30 Jan 1968 to 16 Feb 1969 Earth Monkey
1956  12 Feb 1956 to 30 Jan 1957 Fire Monkey
1944  25 Jan 1944 to 12 Feb 1945 Wood Monkey

Fire Monkey

Birth Years: 2016, 1956

2016 and 1956 are the year of the Fire Monkey. A Fire Monkey year comes every 60 years. The next Fire Monkey year will be 2076.

Fire Monkey’s Personality

People born in the Year of Monkey with fire element are enthusiastic and adventurous, smart and eloquent. They value friendship very much and can win others' trust with their faithfulness.  

Many Monkey people with the fire element are business-savvy. With passion and enthusiasm for success, most of them are never content with their present situation and are willing to take on more challenges and adventures. 

Fire Monkey’s Fortune

Generally speaking, their career fortune is stable with progress. They have a persistent pursuit of a career. There are many good chances for them to develop their career in a metropolis.

Their luck in wealth is also pleasant. Many of them are likely to become rich and successful because of their traits and characteristics. There are good chances for them to earn extra income, but don’t pursue wealth out of their ability.

Gold Monkey

Birth Years: 1980, 1920

The zodiac sign of people born in 1980 and 1920 is the Gold Monkey. The next Gold Monkey year is 2040.

Gold Monkey’s Personality

People born in gold monkey years are nimble and confident. They pursue freedom and high-quality life. They keep an optimistic attitude toward life. But sometimes gold monkeys are calculating and they disregard others’ opinions. 

Gold Monkeys are honest and reliable. They attach importance to family and work. Women intend to attach more importance to family rather than their careers.

Gold Monkey’s Fortune

Gold Monkey people have a prosperous fortune in careers. If gold monkeys can build a good relationships with leaders and coworkers, their fortune can get more prosperous.

Gold monkeys have the good fortune of wealth. Gold monkeys hardly have unexpected wealth. Their wealth mainly comes from their salary. But because of their prosperous career fortune, they surely have decent incoming.

People born in gold monkey years may be stuck with affection issues. It is better for them to get married at a mature age. To enjoy their marriage, gold monkeys had better keep interacting with their spouses frequently.

Water Monkey

Birth Years: 1992, 1932

1992 and 1932 are the Years of the Water Monkey. A water monkey year comes every 60 years. The next water monkey year will be 2052.

Water Monkey’s Personality

People born in the Year of Monkey with the water element are born with leaders’ talent and wisdom. They are active and dynamic, impulsive and energetic. They are also ambitious and always set high standards throughout their life.

Water Monkey people are also outspoken and have egos. Sometimes it would be hard for them to take advice from others. 

Water Monkey’s Fortune

The career fortune of people born in the water monkey years is very good. They can get many supports from their leaders and coworkers. Also, the water monkey people have a great fortune of wealth. They can earn a lot of money because of their good luck in their careers. 

People born in the water monkey years have the remarkable fortune of love. They can easily find their life partner from the group of their friends. For married people, their spouses can support them in all aspects. Although there may be some conflicts between them and their spouses, it won't affect their relationship. 

Wood Monkey

Birth Years: 2004, 1944

People born in the year of the monkey associated with the wood element is the wood monkey. The recent wood monkey years are 1944, 2004, and 2064.

Wood Monkey’s Personality

People born in the wood monkey years are energetic and sympathetic. They are always glad to give hands to others and treat people carefully. They like socializing and it is easy for them to make friends. 

However,  sometimes they might be stubborn and hardly listen to advice from others.

Wood Monkey’s Fortune

Wood Monkey people have good fortune in their careers. They can seize almost every good chance in business and can get along well with leaders. But they need to work hard to achieve big development. 

The wealth fortune of the Wood Monkey people is also smooth. They are likely to make a fortune and have a good life if they are down-to-earth and work hard.

As for love fortune, they are very desirable to the opposite sex due to their charming personality and success in business. 

Earth Monkey

Birth Years: 1968, 1908 

The zodiac sign of people born in 1968 and 1908 is the earth monkey. The next earth monkey year is 2028.

Earth Monkey’s Personality

Earth Monkey people are smart and positive. They are fond of others’ respect and praise. People born in earth monkey years are easy to satisfy with themselves and to be arrogant. Sometimes they intend to be disrespectful and self-centered when making decisions. So, it is necessary for them to be humble, which can help their relationship get better.

Earth Monkey’s Fortune

Earth Monkey people have ups and downs at a young age. Just maintain a good mindset and stay upbeat, they can get through tough times.

Fortune in Earth Monkey's career is positive. If they become interested in one business field and could pay effort into it, they are highly likely to succeed. But they should be cautious when making high-risk investments and they should stay away from high-stakes plays.

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