Ox Compatibility: Which Signs Are the Best Matches for Oxen

Written by Apple Updated Aug. 29, 2022

People born in the Year of the Ox hold the personality of diligence, dependability, and determination. Ox people are most compatible with people who were born in the Year of the Rat, Snake, and Rooster. Read on to find out more information.

Chinese Zodiac Ox Compatibility Chart
Ox compatibility with the 12 zodiac animals

Ox's Best Matches

People born in the Year of the Ox can be compatible with the Rat, Snake, or Rooster. 

1. Ox and Rat Compatibility

People born in the Year of the Ox and people born in the Year of the Rat are born to be good couples. 

The diligent and delicate Ox people can be very faithful and treat their spouses honestly. Once they fall in love with someone, they will be whole-hearted and never change their minds. The Rat people are intelligent and have responsible approaches to life. They support each other in life and careers. They also accept each other's differences to get along.

2. Ox and Snake Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac signs Ox and Snake are the perfect fit. They understand and support each other and know how to give each other personal space. 

People born in the Year of the Ox are energetic and diligent. People born in the Year of the Snake are outgoing and sociable. They share similar personality traits and also complement each other. Both of them love life and family. They are happy with each other and feel fulfilled in their marriage.

3. Ox and Rooster Compatibility

The Ox and the Rooster are an ideal and devoted couple. 

People born in the Year of the Ox are usually honest, hard-working, and patient. People under the zodiac sign of Rooster are usually bright, loyal, and frank. Both of them are diligent and capable.  

Ox people and Rooster people have a lot in common and strive for the same goals. They both have good interpersonal skills and are energetic at work and romantic in the relationship. In terms of family duties, they understand each other and have harmonious cooperation. 

Ox's Worst Matches

The least compatible zodiac signs for the Ox are the Tiger, Horse, Goat, and Monkey 

1. Ox and Tiger Compatibility

The Ox and the Tiger don't seem to please each other. The Tiger people are not the proper ones to marry the Ox people. 

The Tiger people have strong characters with control desires. They tend to bend Ox people to do their wishes. The Tiger usually dominates the Ox in career and marriage which makes the Ox uncomfortable and unhappy. The Ox is sometimes narrow-minded, stubborn, and not good at communication. They lack mutual understanding and don't get along very well.  

2. Ox and Horse Compatibility

Their marriage will be unstable. It’s hard for the Ox and the Horse to keep a good Love relationship or lead a happy marriage unless they know how to communicate with each other.

The Ox people are usually stubborn and inflexible which makes the Horse people don't like them. So the Horse people tend to avoid contact with the Ox people. They can not accept each other's opinions. Lack of communication turns their relationship in a bad direction. 

3. Ox and Goat Compatibility

They are not deeply attached. Their personalities can't be together in a harmonious way. 

In a relationship, the Goat people seldom share their personal lives, which makes the Ox people find it hard to know them. The Goat people don't like Ox's rigid way of dealing with problems. When meeting differences, the two will both lose their bearings and lose confidence. 

4. Ox and Monkey Compatibility

The Ox and Monkey couldn't be good cooperation partners because they are a couple with quite different personalities. They have trouble understanding each other. 

In a relationship, the Ox people have few common languages with the Monkey people because of their differences in interests and goals. The Ox people and Monkey people don't like each other's characters which makes them hard to communicate with.

Male Ox's Love Compatibility

1. Male Ox + Female Rat: They are the perfect match. They can understand and respect each other and they share many of the same views and values. 

2. Male Ox + Female Ox: According to zodiac compatibility rules, Ox people can accommodate Ox people. They are both steady and reliable. In a relationship, they can support and respect each other.

3. Male Ox + Female Tiger: This is not a good match. Their personalities and tempos are quite different, so it is hard for them to coordinate with each other. 

4. Male Ox + Female Rabbit: The Ox and Rabbit combination is acceptable. They are both loyal, sweet, and responsible in marriage. But they need to communicate more often and know how to take a step back when having quarrels.

5. Male Ox + Female Dragon: They will be a complementary couple who feel content with each other. But if their relationship needs to go further, they should open up and discover each other's positive sides. 

6. Male Ox + Female Snake: The Ox man and the Snake woman are a good match. They have mutual respect and understanding and always give support to each other. 

7. Male Ox + Female Horse: The Ox man and the Horse woman are not a good match. The Ox man is usually not happy with the Horse woman's being too concerned with details, and the Horse complains about the Ox's stubbornness.

8. Male Ox + Female Goat: They are not deeply attached. Their personalities can't be together in a harmonious way. 

9. Male Ox + Female Monkey: The Ox man and Monkey woman couldn't be good cooperation partners because they are a couple with quite different personalities. They have trouble understanding each other. 

10. Male Ox + Female Rooster: They are born to be a good couple. They share many things in common. They don’t rely on each other but care about each other's feelings. A happy married life is predicted.

11. Male Ox + Female Dog: The Ox man and the Dog woman are both diligent and kind-hearted. If they get married, a happy marriage is expected. 

12. Male Ox + Female Pig: The Ox man could enjoy pleasant cooperation and achieve great success with the Pig woman as they both admire each other in talent. Both of them are not picky about life and would feel fulfilled in their marriage.

Female Ox's Love Compatibility

1. Female Ox + Male Rat: You are an ideal couple. Both Ox woman and Rat man are intelligent and capable people. They could coordinate with each other well as a couple.

2. Female Ox + Male Ox: According to zodiac compatibility rules, an Ox woman can accommodate an Ox man. They are both steady and reliable. In a relationship, they can support and respect each other.

3. Female Ox + Male Tiger: They are a couple full of conflicts. Though they are both loyal to family, they don't have a good understanding of each other. 

4. Female Ox + Male Rabbit: Ox woman and a Rabbit man can have a flat but peaceful marriage. To make their marriage better, they should be willing to compromise and make more efforts to make the relationship better. 

5. Female Ox + Male Dragon: The Ox woman and Dragon man have different personalities, and lack common interests. Their relationship lacks romance and laughter.

6. Female Ox + Male Snake: The Ox woman and the snake man are a complementary and happy couple. Both of them are capable in their fields, they can cooperate well no matter as a couple or as business partners.

7. Female Ox + Male Horse: In a love relationship with the Horse man, the Ox woman has few common languages with them because of the great difference in interests.

8. Female Ox + Male Goat: The Ox woman can not live long with the Goat man after marriage. The Goat man is gentle and romantic, while the Ox woman is down-to-earth and dependable. They have a lot of things to argue about.

9. Female Ox + Male Monkey: They barely have anything in common. Neither of them can act their part well as husband or wife.

10. Female Ox + Male Rooster: Ox woman and Rooster man have a lot in common and strive for the same goals. They could make a perfect couple. 

11. Female Ox + Male Dog: They are not a well-suited couple. They pay much attention to your interests and success, and both are unwilling to compromise. 

12. Female Ox + Male Pig: Both of them are willing to make efforts. If they are willing to make frank communication and compromise, their relationship will get much better.

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